Understanding the Chinese market

Understand the Chinese market

The way in which you and your local customers perceive your brand is influenced by cultural and behavioral factors that evolve from one market to another. We perform extensive brand and competition research in order to develop a localized strategy tailored to the Chinese market. 

China brand relevance

Be relevant

Did you know that Chinese millennials use 3 times as many mobile apps as Americans and that 70% of them seek information on social media? We do. Being relevant means knowing how, when and where to communicate with your audience. We know Chinese consumer habits inside out and understand that relevancy isn’t a one-time job. We maintain it.

China brand differentiation strategy

Be unique

By combining our creative forces with your industry expertise, we aim to give your brand a competitive advantage that sets you apart from the rest. Through imagination, innovation and collaboration, we create value for your customers and a better future for your brand.

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