The back story

Conceptualized and developed over the course of the last year, VRrOOm is a trilingual (English, Chinese & French) independent news website dedicated to the consumer virtual reality industry. Created with the purpose of educating novices with regards to VR, AR and MR technology as well as providing tech enthusiasts with VR game and entertainment news & downloads, VRrOOm serves as a one-stop aggregator for all things virtual. VRrOOm had already built a functional website before approaching us but despite containing valuable VR news & insights, the website lacked flexibility from the client’s standpoint, search engine visibility and a user friendly interface to better organize information.

What we did

As self-confessed gamers, movie addicts and overall tech fanatics, we were understandably excited to work with VRrOOm and contribute to the promotion of virtual, augmented and mixed reality in the 3 markets we know best. Due to the trendy nature of the VR industry and the continuous advancements that transform it on a daily basis, there’s no shortage of VR news coverage online, VR headsets to choose from or VR-related events to attend. For that reason, VRrOOm specifically needed a flexible web content management platform on which they could easily add & modify content. As well as requiring a flexible web platform, VRrOOm wanted to reorganize the website’s structure & design so as to provide their users with a smoother experience and reach more visitors by enhancing their search engine visibility. In order to respond to the client’s 3 demands, our developers, designers and digital marketers joined forces to build them a drupal website, enhance the responsiveness and architecture of their design and optimize their search engine visibility through on-page SEO.

Drupal Development

The different sections that make up the VRrOOm website (such as VR news, VR downloads, events and products) as well as the inner categories these sections include (VR games, entertainment, business and trends) evolve and require modifications on a daily basis, according to new releases and updates. It was therefore essential that we provided the client with a content management system that would allow them to easily update their content without sacrificing the technical functionalities of the website. Being an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable solution for technical and non-technical users alike, Drupal was the ideal fit for their specific needs & wants.

UX Design

While some clients depend on us to identify the right color combinations, style and information architecture to best fit their brand and target market, others know exactly what they want. Being a web designer isn’t all about being creative or thinking out of the box and sometimes it’s our job to recreate what our clients have in mind and if at all possible, exceed their expectations. VRrOOm know themselves and their target market inside-out but while their overall brand identity style guide was already solid and put in place, they felt they were in need of an information architecture revamp to better guide their users and facilitate their experience. We reorganized their content structure with a 3-column layout and enhanced the design’s responsiveness with Bootstrap.

SEO & Keyword Analysis

VRrOOm’s on-page SEO was lacking some much needed TLC and as a result the website was underperforming on search engines and generally pulling in less visitors than expected. Our digital marketing specialists performed an in-depth keyword analysis, comparing VRrOOm’s competitors’ keyword strategies and taking inspiration from industry market research, in order to optimize the website’s page titles and Meta tags. The SEO improvements we performed improved the website’s search-engine friendliness, fixing a range of duplicate and length errors in the process, and made VRrOOm’s search engine results clearer and more descriptive to users.

VRrOOm SEO & keyword analysis
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