The back story

Sodexo, the worldwide leader in the field of food services and facilities management, has affiliate agreements with a range of selected restaurants and partners around China. Unfortunately these affiliation systems sorely lacked online visibility and therefore went unseen and unused.
Sodexo required our services to enhance the online visibility of both affiliation systems (Sodexo Meal Pass and Tung Pass) in China and to provide their customers with an easy way to localize the selected restaurants that are part of them.

What we did

In order to enhance the visibility of both affiliation systems, we built two distinct Drupal websites that were each dedicated to one of the 2 systems. Before moving on to the next crucial step of providing users with a process allowing them to localize partner restaurants, we leveraged our expertise in web design & visual identity to ensure that both websites represented Sodexo’s brand identity and values.
The next step was by far the most technical and required us to improve Baidu’s original API features. In an aim to allow users to easily localize Sodexo’s affiliate partners, we developed an interactive and dynamic map synchronized with the Baidu API.

Drupal 7 development

We built distinct Drupal 7 websites for both of Sodexo’s affiliation systems so as to enhance these systems’ online visibility and provide Sodexo with content management systems they could easily update and modify at will. Once we’d developed the structure and ensured the functionality of the websites, we designed them with user experience, responsiveness and Sodexo’s visual identity in mind.

Sodexo drupal development
Sodexo interactive map

Interactive map synchronized with Baidu API

We leveraged and improved Baidu’s original API features to build an interactive map, displaying over 5000 restaurants, on which users could apply filters.
We took particular care of mobility & compatibility and overcame a range of technical challenges including clustering to display restaurants that were close by to each other and the measurement of the exact distance between the user and the restaurants.

Simplifying the database update process

Seeing as Sodexo would occasionally need to add or remove partners, modify locations and so on, we provided them with a simple process for updating map data. By enabling Sodexo to update the map database through the upload of an .xls file, we ensured that they had the means and ability to provide users with up-to-date partner information.

Sodexo map update process
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