The back story

Branding is a detailed and systematic long-term process, which should be continuously adapted for the target market. The ever-changing landscape of the Chinese market requires brands to adjust and change their process to stay on top of Chinese consumer trends. Brands develop alongside the market as consumers’ understanding grows. So, it’s incredibly important to continue to utilize the proper promotion channels even after you have experienced some positive growth in the Chinese market. 

Sennheiser, an audio company that’s helping shape the future of the audio industry, is no stranger to partnering with Sekkei Studios for their brand promotion needs. Sennheiser initially approached Sekkei back in 2017 to develop their presence in China and raise brand awareness resulting in a successful campaign. Sennheiser is looking to be a household name in China and understands the importance of a long-term branding strategy, which is why they continue to partner with Sekkei to help accomplish that goal. 

What we did

With an already established relationship, Sekkei had a deep understanding of Sennheiser’s needs and knew what they were looking for during this campaign. Sekkei secured Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), promoted a wide range of incentives, and leveraged special events to increase brand promotion and generate sales for Sennheiser.

Weibo KOL Campaign image

Weibo KOL Campaign

KOLs are an important tool for brand awareness and can work wonders for a digital marketing campaign.  It is crucial for a business to identify a good KOL and Sekkei managed to secure service from 5 influencers on Weibo with expertise in the gaming industry.

Sekkei took care of all the negotiations and special needs for the promotion. The campaign objectives were to promote the Sennheiser booth at ChinaJoy 2018 and increase fans through a lucky draw promotion. KOLs reposted the China Joy event along with the lucky draw campaign. By the end of the campaign, Weibo fans had increased by twofold.  

Exploring Diverse Incentives

This drive and love of incentivized products is exactly what makes rewards-based marketing, particularly on social media, such a great tactic to engage the everyday consumer and incentivize them to share a brand’s message. Rewards-based marketing allows you to expand your reach to potential consumers by tapping into audiences across multiple platforms.

Sekkei proposed various types of incentives including brand’s flagship products and gaming merchandise. During ChinaJoy 2018, an on booth PUBG battle was successfully held with live streaming broadcast.  The most successful team won a Sennheiser GSP 600 gaming set. Sekkei stayed on-site for 2 days to do on-site coverage resulting in larger fan base.

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SKG Team & Sales Promotion image

SKG Team & Sales Promotion

During the first weekend of the ChinaJoy exhibition, the SKG team came to the Sennheiser booth to participate in the stage interaction and the PUBG live broadcast competition. Sekkei promoted the entire event on social media. Anyone who followed the Sennheiser WeChat account and reposted the link had a chance to win the GSX 1000 audio amplifier. Sekkei also promoted the Sennheiser 4-day sale and added model kits for the lucky draw contest. This increased page views and user engagement.

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