The back story

Oriental Dreamworks, a China-based animation studio famous for creating animated television series and feature films such as Kung Fu Panda, partnered with Sekkei Studio in an aim to enhance their brand awareness in China and gain greater local exposure for their movies.

What we did

Generating brand awareness isn’t a one-time job, it’s a long-term effort that relies on a well thought-out strategy and the use of a combination of indirect and direct communication channels that work well together. Backed by our extensive knowledge of consumer behavior and digital marketing here in China, we decided that the best way to enhance ODW’s brand awareness was through the creation of a consistent multi-channel digital strategy that included social activations, search engine optimizations and the development of a brand new, easily-customizable and modern website.

Drupal development

We developed a brand-new website for Oriental Dreamworks using Drupal 7. The challenge with this new website was to provide ODW with a website that would work and look great across all devices, represent ODW’s values and brand identity and be easily customizable so they could implement their own updates when and how they wish. By building the website with a modern CMS such as Drupal, ODW’s desire to have an editable and responsive website was respected and the web design work that followed gave it the brandy edge they were looking for.

Oriental Dreamworks Drupal website development
Oriental Dreamworks WeChat and Weibo strategy

Social media strategy

While Oriental Dreamworks’ website is at the center of their digital marketing strategy, they required a social ecosystem on which they could promote its existence and contribute further to the enhancement of their brand awareness. Why? Because developing a thorough and consistent strategy on social media is a requisite for any brand hoping to succeed in China. We therefore took control of ODW’s social media platforms, notably WeChat, Weibo and Youku, defined their social media strategy and developed a range of social activations aimed at engaging with animation fanatics. The different activations we executed included games, contests and promotional posts related to Oriental Dreamworks’ movies and upcoming events.

SEO & analytics

While building and engaging with Oriental Dreamworks’ social ecosystem, we implemented a range of search engine optimizations in an attempt to increase the visibility of Oriental Dreamworks’ new website on search engines, most importantly Baidu. From the implementation of on-page SEO (reviewing the length and keyword consistency of title tags and meta descriptions) and off-page SEO optimization techniques (construction and maintenance of backlink profile) for improved indexation and accessibility to the analysis and enhancement of the website’s KPIs (number of visitors, time on site, pages per session…), we executed various actions that brought the ODW website further visibility.

Oriental Dreamworks SEO strategy
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