The Back Story

In the Chinese market, there is very low awareness of tampon products. Cultural barriers mean that only 1-2% of Chinese women use tampons, yet in other countries this figure is significantly higher. The market for tampons in China therefore has huge potential.

Sekkei Studio was approached by Lil-Lets to support them in developing a strong presence in China. Other tampon brands are also alert to the enormous potential in this market, and Lil-Lets has fierce competition. As a trusted British brand with long history, Lil-Lets differentiates itself from the competition with its focus on customer care and user engagement. Lil-lets’ products are designed ‘by women, for women’, using many years of customer feedback to create a brand that millions of women trust.


Women are at the heart of Lil-Lets’ marketing strategy, and we have employed different techniques to communicate effectively with our Chinese audience.

Using social media, Sekkei Studio have utilised free trials to encourage users to experience Lil-Lets’ products. We empower women to try Lil-Lets for themselves, helping to build trust in the brand. Word of mouth recommendation to close female friends and family raises awareness of the products in an organic and authentic way.

Sekkei Studio’s strategy is to build trust with Lil-Lets’ users, fostering strong relationships with them, using the power of recommendation to grow the brand.

What we did

We orchestrated a series of Social Media Campaigns to engage users and increase awareness of the brand. We employed a variety of different approaches across different e-platforms to communicate Lil-Let’s message.

WeChat KOL Campaign

WeChat KOL Campaign

October 17th to October 22th

We conducted a free trial campaign for Lil-lets Tampon promoted by WeChat Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). KOLs can have great influence, and are seen as trusted and genuine.

The objectives of this campaign were twofold: to increase reviews on e-commerce platforms, and to build a VIP user group to nurture the relationship between brand and user, with regular moderation and engagement.

A dedicated KOL created original content to drive traffic to Lil-lets’ official brand account. The KOL interacted personally with users, giving instructions on product redemption.

Results of WeChat KOL Campaign




added followers


joined exclusive wechat group





Weibo Lucky Draw Campaign

In another wave of free samples, we setup a Sina Weibo Lucky Draw campaign during the pre-Christmas period. We adopted a “Fensitong” (Paid Ad) to increase exposure of this campaign to non-followers.

The objectives were to increase brand awareness, to include a wider range of products into the campaign, and to educate users that Lil-lets has a wide range of products to offer. The Lucky Draw combined the excitement of a competition with the opportunity to involve users in a fun and informative promotion.

After the prizes were delivered to the Lucky Draw winners, they were invited to share their experience and to interact with the brand. Users were happy to share their positive experience with Lil-Lets and its products.


Results of Weibo Lucky Draw Campaign







Weibo New Year Campaign

The end of the year / New Year transition is a great opportunity to engage Chinese users. Our community manager leveraged hot topics from TV shows to design this campaign. The topic was “7 Characteristics”. Those who could relate to the 7 Characteristics of Lil-lets and shared them with their friends stood a chance to win a Combo Package of products.

We not only spread the word about the products’ unique selling points, but also emphasized the brand’s values. Lil-Lets cares about women and their health, and offers advice to women on a range of related topics.

We sent the best wishes for the New Year to appeal to new users and to retain Lil-Lets’ loyal fans.

Results of Weibo New Year Campaign







International Women’s Day Campaign

International Women’s Day Campaign

December 7th to December 23rd

Every year, International Women's Day is celebrated on 8th March. It is a key date celebrating women's rights, and an occasion to discuss the issues that women face today. As an expert in feminine care products, Lil-lets took this opportunity to expand brand awareness and increase the sales volume via e-commerce platforms.

A game was launched on WeChat + with prizes and discounts available. We also launched 3 mini campaigns on Weibo.
Our goals were to increase brand awareness, product samplings, WeChat followers / group members and online sales.

Results on WeChat




New VIP group members



Results on Weibo







VIP WeChat Group

Users who won free trials and prizes throughout our various campaigns were invited by us to join a women-only exclusive Lil-lets VIP group. This is moderated by one of our community managers, and we nurture the VIP group by sharing female health tips and hot topics. The group is sisterhood of satisfied users, who can be collectively informed about the brand’s aims. We encourage users to talk openly and share their thoughts with other like-minded users. The VIP group provides a safe space for conversations about female issues, and gives Sekkei Studio a powerful insight into the community. There has been a high level of active engagement in the group, with around 300 members sharing their experiences about female health, feminine products, habits and even relationships. Through the VIP group, we act as a brand voice to engage users. We are able to collect valuable information which allows us to constantly monitor Lil-Lets’ image.

VIP WeChat Group
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