The back story

ISRP, a psychomotricity training institute present in Paris and Marseille for over 40 years, called on Sekkei Studio to assist them in their expansion into the Chinese market. ISRP and the concept of psychomotricity were initially unknown in China, meaning that we had to introduce psychomotricity in a way that Chinese consumers would understand while adapting the ISRP brand to this new market.


What we did

Before we could introduce ISRP to the Chinese market, the crucial first step was to define a consistent branding/naming strategy adapted to the local market and local consumers. Moving on, the main objective was to generate exposure and visiblity for the ISRP brand through social media marketing, offsite event coverage and the creation of a brand new Chinese website.


People attended the promoted event


Characters among which we selected only 4


Promotional marketing event

Naming/Branding for ISRP

Chinese naming

The challenge was to find a Chinese name – Relative to the core values and identity of ISRP - that would speak to Chinese consumers and correspond to ISRP's corporate identity. In order to achieve this goal, we conducted an in-depth brand name audit that enabled us to find a suitable Chinese name that introduced ISRP's services to Chinese consumers while fulfilling ISRP's expectations.

Our standpoint

"Our goal was to create a perfect synergy between both online and offline channels, by bringing our expertise to the needs of a well-known french institution, hence perfectly introducing the brand with an adapted naming/branding strategy”

O2O media coverage

Once we'd defined ISRP's branding/naming strategy, we moved on to our secondary goal which was to generate exposure for the ISRP brand. This involved developing ISRP's digital strategy and conducting marketing & promotional activities through online and offline channels. Not only did we create an event-focused website and promote it through effective social media marketing on WeChat and Weibo, we also organized a promotional offline event in Shanghai during which we acted as public relation officers.

ISRP O2O Event Marketing
Responsive website design and development for ISRP

Fully responsive website

Defining ISRP's China-tailored branding/naming strategy and creating a presence for them on Chinese social media certainly helped us on our way to introducing the concept of psychomotricity and the ISRP brand to Chinese consumers, but they were still missing a concrete digital presence. We therefore created a fully-responsive website on which visitors could learn about psychomotricity through engaging content such as explanatory videos on all devices.

WeChat and Weibo marketing for ISRP
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