Opening a WeChat store is one of the smartest moves you can make if you want to boost your revenue in the Chinese market. WeChat shop is a mobile website that connects to the menu of the WeChat Official Account and provides a seamless payment experience. The WeChat shop trend continues to expand and businesses are constantly capitalizing on the great opportunities offered by this amazing sales channel.


Through working with numerous brands to build and manage their own store, we know the most effective methods to make your WeChat store stand out from the crowd. We deal with all the paperwork to make your process simple and effective.

Store Design

We design stores not only to reflect your brand image down to a science, but also based on the understanding of the wants and needs of your target audience.

  • WeChat Service Account ID
  • Cross-border Pay Integration
  • Product Upload & Translation

WeChat Store Promotion & Management

It's essential to have a team who understands the language, culture and purchasing behavior of Chinese consumers. We have the knowhow to communicate your brand values for excellent client support.

  • Store Operation
  • Official Account Management
  • Customer Support

Analysis & Optimization

We will sort through all the data and figure out the best approach for your shop optimization. It’s our job to find the right solution for the best ROI.

  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Marketing Report
  • Shop Optimization


Social CRM

Social CRM

Improve your results on WeChat and Weibo thanks to an accurate analysis of your data

Web Design and Development

Web Design & Development

Localize and adapt your website to meet Chinese navigation codes