Baidu SEMCampaigns


If you are looking for a way to bring your customers in quickly without any additional effort, then you should consider Baidu search engine marketing (SEM) also called pay-per-click (PPC). It is a powerful part of advertising that can help your brand drive instant, targeted traffic to your website. SEM offers immediate ROI to companies looking for instant leads and brand exposure.

Paid Search Advertising

Turn ordinary optimizations into your strategic advantage with our unique blend of people and technology. We’ll make your search engine marketing relevant, targeted, and sharp. We want to make every impression count with campaigns that drive the leads you want.

  • Account Set-up on Chinese Search Engines
  • SEM Strategy & Management
  • SEM Account Audit

Display Advertising

Display is one of the most rapidly evolving forms of digital advertising and we’re able to develop campaigns that target users throughout the consumer journey. It’s all about delivering your specific tailored objectives in the most efficient way.

  • Audience Identification & Setup
  • Media Planning & Optimization
  • Native Ad Experiences
  • Campaign Analysis

Training & Consulting

Our SEM services revolve around the needs and wants of each client. Whether this is your first shot at PPC or you’re looking to overhaul an existing PPC campaign, our results-driven team has the required expertise to maximize your results.

  • Customizable Consulting Service
  • Account Review & Goal Setting
  • Conversion Tracking with A/B Testing Support
  • Account Restructure & Reporting

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