Yellow Tail

Building and maintaining Yellow Tail's digital presence in China

The Back Story

When Yellow Tail first approached us, their brand was already relatively known in China. That being said, they didn’t have an actual digital presence thay they could call their own and most of what was being said about them online was user-generated. Not only did this lack of presence mean they had no channels through which they could encourage Chinese consumers to buy their products, it also meant they had zero control over what was being said about them online. Yellow Tail’s objective was therefore clear, they wanted to promote their products through Chinese digital channels and regain control of their online reputation.

What we did

We attacked the project on two separate fronts; Digital content & social engagement. In order to improve Yellow Tail’s online content and reputation, our content marketers focused on Baidu products on which they replaced harmful user-generated reviews with positive yet non-promotional content. Socially-speaking, we created and managed a brand new Weibo account on which we posted content at least 5 times per week and launched promotional user activations.

Baidu content marketing

As you can imagine, Baidu products such as Baike and Zhidao constantly rank well on Baidu. For this reason, a Chinese consumer will typically read and trust Baidu content when researching a brand. Our content marketers looked through all 1st page articles and reviews that ranked for Yellow Tail brand keywords, competitor keywords and industry keywords in order to determine what content needed to be replaced or improved. As things currently stand, the work we’ve done on Yellow Tail-related Baidu content has drastically improved the brand’s online reputation and the content we produced ranks well for all related keywords.

Baidu Content Marketing
Yellow Tail Products
KOL competition

KOL competition

KOLs are an essential part of the Chinese social media landscape and we’re lucky enough to have an extensive network of KOLs through all industries. We worked with one of our most popular food KOLs to promote the Yellow Tail Weibo account. We provided our KOL with ready-made content encouraging fans to follow the Yellow Tail Weibo account for a chance to win a bottle of wine and homemade cheese cake. Over the span of 2 days, we managed to get over 500 new followers and close to 250,000 impressions.

Christmas repost activation

As with most social media platforms, the most effective way to gain more followers on Weibo is through re-posts. With this goal in mind, we posted pictures and information regarding 8 different types of Yellow Tail wines and asked our followers to repost and comment on their favorite wine. This activation lasted 10 days and allowed Yellow Tail to gain more than 450 fans and generate over 83,000 impressions.

Christmas repost activation