Managing & promoting ubisoft's Chinese social media presence

The Back Story

Ubisoft approached us as they wanted to enlarge product awareness on Chinese social media platforms. Being an internationally-known brand, there was no need to introduce the Ubisoft brand. Instead, they wanted our help in promoting their mobile games and increasing the number of downloads from Chinese fans.

What we did

Our social media experts and copywriters work for Ubisoft on a daily basis, creating all sorts of content to publish on their WeChat & Weibo accounts. From trending topics to new game releases and everything in between, our copywriters use their social skills & viral marketing knowledge to create content that generates engagement. As well as maintaining Ubisoft’s social media channels, we also engage in the development of user activations and KOL communication outreaches to entertain and grow Ubisoft’s online community.

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Assassin's Creed Mobile Launch

Assassin's Creed mobile launch

With the purpose of spreading the news that Assassin’s Creed could finally be played on mobile, we cooperated with 6 key influencers. These KOLs helped us to spread the news on their social media platforms by forwarding the post from Ubisoft‘s official Weibo account. To create a larger social buzz around the new ”Assassin’s Creed Identity” game, we also launched 2 activities which leveraged free game redeem codes to engage people on both Weibo and WeChat. This activation allowed us to gain over 15,000 fans on Weibo and 1000 fans on WeChat.

Hungry Shark mobile launch

In order to get more fans to download Ubisoft‘s new game “Hungry Shark World”, we decided to change our usual promotion method. We asked fans to draw and share their own shark on a social-design app named TOSHOW and took things a step further by engaging in the activity ourselves through the creation of a series of shark related comics and animations. To drive even more awareness and reach more fans, we collaborated with several game-focused KOLs who encouraged their own followers to participate in the activity. The activation lasted a month and got us over 20,000 fans on Weibo and 800 fans on WeChat. Over 100 followers participated in the drawing activity on TOSHOW.

Hungry Shark Mobile Launch
Euro Cup 2016 Activation

Euro Cup 2016 activation

In order to surf on the Euro Cup wave that had flooded China, we decided to use Ubisoft’s French identity to our advantage and promoted the brand through a series of funny football stories as well as a “guess the score” game that inspired fans to guess the result of each of France’s games during the tournament. We also gave away some football gifts and asked Ubisoft followers to show off their support for France, which produced many forms of engaging user-generated content. The activation resulted in over 25,000 new fans on Weibo and over 300 forms of engagement on WeChat.