Ubisoft @ China Joy

Launching a brand new Ubisoft WeChat store at China Joy

The Back Story

While working on Ubisoft social media platforms, we constantly receive messages from fans asking where they can buy game figurines. We understood that there was a clear opportunity for Ubisoft to leverage this demand and so in order to meet fans’ demands and provide an enhanced user experience on the official Ubisoft WeChat account, we decided to launch a WeChat store at China Joy, the biggest game exhibition in China.

What we did

Due to the overwhelming number of Ubisoft fans it reunites, we knew the upcoming China Joy exhibition was the perfect place to launch Ubisoft’s brand new WeChat Store. Our extensive experience dealing with O2O campaigns and WeChat Store launches has taught us that merely communicating information with fans isn’t enough to generate a meaningful buzz. For that reason, we took it upon ourselves to reach out to our network of game-focused key opinion leaders and leveraged their substantial follower base to ensure that Ubisoft fans were encouraged to come to China Joy or at the very least to check out the new WeChat Store.

Weibo Followers
WeChat Followers
WeChat Store Orders

China Joy & WeChat Store promotion

In order to promote both the event and the launch of the new WeChat Store, we did the following actions:
1. Promoted and offered free China Joy tickets to attract more fans.
2. Broadcast China Joy in real-time to expose the event in timely fashion.
3. Conducted a daily photo contest to engage fans who came to the Ubisoft booth to create UGC online.
4. Cooperated with KOLs to maximize their influence and create a high-quality buzz on Chinese social media.
5. Released customized coupons to encourage fans to buy game figurines on WeChat Store.

China Joy & WeChat Store promotion
Promotional Activities
WeChat Store Management

WeChat Store management

Our promotional activities before and during the China Joy exhibition certainly enabled Ubisoft to generate visibility for its new WeChat Store, but our involvement didn’t stop there. The launch was a success and we spent a substantial amount of time managing their WeChat store, from its initial design to daily operations such as managing product inventory, uploading all visual and text assets and dealing with customer inquiries.