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Tailoring the St Michel brand to Chinese consumers through the creation of a localized Drupal website

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The Back Story

Founded in 1905, Biscuiterie Saint-Michel is one of France’s most treasured food companies that exports its world-renown biscuits, madeleines & other patisseries to over 30 countries across the globe. Nevertheless, although Saint-Michel has already garnered worldwide praise and recognition, the company was sorely lacking a digital presence in China. They approached us in the hope that we could therefore expand their business and tailor their brand to Chinese consumers through the creation of their first localized website in the Middle Kingdom.

What we did

In order to enhance the online presence of Saint-Michel in China, our digital experts developed their local branding strategy and designed a product-oriented Chinese website. Our strategy was based on 3 main pillars: Chinese localization, UX Design and Drupal development.

St Michel Products

Chinese localization

We succeeded in building a localized Chinese website without sacrificing the brand’s identity, spirit and visual recognition. Aiming to expand the number of customers and make purchasing easier and more accessible, we linked the website to the company’s e-stores on the most popular local e-commerce sites such as JD, TMall and YHD. We also made the brand more reachable & relatable for Chinese consumers by integrating social links to China’s 2 most popular social platforms, Weibo and WeChat.

St Michel Chinese Localization
St Michel Drupal Development

Drupal development

In order to give St Michel a Chinese online space to call their own and facilitate the administration of the website, enabling the client to easily update and modify on-site content, we built the website with Drupal. Using a modern CMS not only meant we were providing the client with a flexible & non-technical web solution, but also ensured that we could leverage our developers’ extensive experience in Drupal development to build a fully-functional website that looks and works great across all devices.

UX design & visual identity

In order to improve the website’s navigation and usability, as well as to enhance the hierarchical organization of the site’s information, we implemented a menu with distinct categories that simplified the process of searching, introduced the brand to first-time visitors and captured St Michel’s core essence.
While the website’s simplistic layout makes content more accessible, the efforts we made with regards to the brand’s visual identity ensured that St Michel’s new localized website remained true to the company’s spirit and values.

St Michel UX Design and Visual Identity