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The Back Story

Video games have come a long way from the days of dimly lit arcades and coin-operated gaming machines. With the rise of processing power, increased choice, and the advent of live-streaming, video games represent a multi-billion-dollar market that only continues to grow. European audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser Gaming is a leader in this market, producing high-end audio equipment for video game players and professionals. China’s video game market has become a prime area of growth for Sennheiser Gaming, who undertook a campaign to promote their line of premium gaming headsets.

Gamers have access to a wider choice of games than ever before, which are concentrated into a number of very specific genres. Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are central to the gaming ecosystem, using their skills and personality to bring video games information, strategies, and news to the wider gaming market.

For Sennheiser Gaming’s products to make a splash in the China market, Chinese KOLs would be a central part of the campaign.

What we did

Market research determined that, in the video game sphere, the greatest market for Sennheiser Gaming’s headphones were in the first and third person shooter realm, including such games as Public Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fort-nite, Rainbow 6, as well as competitive real time strategy games such as DO-TA2 and League of Legends (LoL).

Sekkei Studio’s community management team reached out to, recruited, and developed very positive relationships with KOLs, as well as the operating procedure. The KOLs were provided with exclusive products from Sennheiser Gaming, which could be limited production items or otherwise not yet available for sale in China, which would encourage the KOL to talk about their experi-ence and promote brand awareness of Sennheiser Gaming to their fans. In some cases, Sennheiser Gaming would also supply branded merchandise to be used as giveaways on the channels through raffles, a popular marketing tactic in China.

As an agent for Chinese KOL’s, Sekkei Studio was responsible for ensur-ing that Sennheiser Gaming was properly represented, as well as addressing concerns on behalf of the KOL. With these goals in mind, Sekkei Studio was able to build a profile out to two popular

KOL Campaign—SiXiang

With 1.14 million followers, gaming streamer SiXiang holds a position as one of the top gaming streamers on the Douyu live-streaming platform, SiXiang’s live streaming sessions can net anywhere from 5,000-20,000 active viewers. He also commands a strong following on Weibo and Yuba, with mil-lions of followers and hundreds of engagements per post.

On December 8th, Sixiang posted on Weibo with an announcement that he would be using Sennheiser Gaming’s GSP 550 headphone set during a two hour streaming session of PUBG. The post was shared over 1900 times, with over a thousand comments and likes each.

This was followed up with a post a few days laster on December 13th, announcing a giveaway of Sennheiser Gaming’s GSP 300. This post 1600 likes, a nearly 50% increase over the previous posting, and generated again over 1900 shares.

KOL Campaign—Lance

Another KOL, Lance, was contacted to provide Sennheiser Gaming’s presence on streaming platform Bilibili. By comparison, Lance has a smaller number of followers than SiXiang, with 55,000 followers coming to his stream per day. Nevertheless, Lance has developed a strong and authentic personal brand, and along with it an extremely devoted fanbase.

This promotion strategy has Lance wearing Sennheiser Gaming’s head-phones during his live gaming events, along with a Sennheiser Gaming product displayed on the side of the screen to generate exposures. Lance also promoted Sennheiser Gaming over his Bilibili moments twice on December 14th and De-cember 16th. Following this, users began searching for Sennheiser Gaming’s of-ficial WeChat account, similarly increasing user conversion.

Lance also produced a number of unboxing and review videos for Senn-heiser Gaming’s new headsets. These unboxing videos are quite popular; Lance’s combination humor and authenticity during these videos has endeared him to his fans. Sennheiser Gaming’s rapid growth in WeChat and Weibo fol-lowers demonstrate that Lance’s fanbase has also come to associate the compa-ny’s products with similarly positive feelings.

The Results

After these campaigns, Sekkei Studio noticed an uptick in WeChat search-es for Sennheiser Gaming’s official WeChat account, showing that the conver-sion efforts were proving fruitful.

Sekkei Studio’s KOL strategy for Sennheiser Gaming was a resounding success. Following these campaigns, Sennheiser Gaming’s WeChat and Weibo followers nearly doubled over a year.

WeChat & Weibo followers over a year
Followers on Weibo after August 2018 Campaign
Followers on Weibo after July 2019 Campaign