Revamp of the Santoni website and development of a customized app on iOS and Android

The Back Story

Santoni, the worldwide leader in the production of electronic machines for garments without seams, called upon us to give a trendier image to their brand, develop a community platform within their existing website and build a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android.

What we did

In an aim to give a fresher feel to the Santoni brand, their website’s design was completely rethought and revamped. This included the use of UX design to improve the website’s information architecture as well as visual identity to redesign the website without losing the Santoni spirit. On top of the design work, the on-site community platform and mobile app they desired were built in parallel so as to ensure that the new website features could also be implemented within the app.

Integration of the “My Santoni” section

In order to build a dedicated community platform that genuinely served Santoni’s customers’ needs, we initially analyzed Santoni’s website and asked ourselves which features would improve user experience and encourage users to engage with the website.
Leveraging our analysis and the insights we took from it, we developed and integrated a new community-based section within the website named “My Santoni”. Set apart from the rest of the website and dedicated to Santoni’s customers, the “My Santoni” section was built in the style of a social media platform and even contained a dashboard displaying the latest user interactions, comments, uploads and messages.

Integration of the “My Santoni” Section

Modernizing Santoni’s web design

The website’s information architecture was enhanced so as to provide Santoni’s customers with a more user-friendly experience when using the website. Our designers revamped the website’s overall layout, favoring simplistic web design and a clearer organizational structure to give the website more space and functionality. Additionally, while the “My Santoni” section was highlighted with a large green button next to the main menu, the rest of the website’s color scheme was reevaluated in aim to find color combinations that better matched the corporate image of the Santoni brand.

Modernizing Santoni’s Web Design
Development of the Santoni mobile app on iOS and Android

Development of the Santoni mobile app on iOS and Android

Once we’d developed the on-site “My Santoni” section and improved the website’s overall design and user-friendliness, the main remaining challenge consisted in developing a mobile app that provided the same user experience and functionality as the website.
Developed for iOS and Android, the mobile app was built as an independent B2B social network based on the same model as Twitter. On top of the challenge that the development of any mobile app represents, the major constraint we had to deal with was how to ensure that when a user scanned a QR code placed on one of Santoni’s machines, the information relative to that machine would be directly collected inside the app instead of an exterior page.