Promoting Roche's biopharmaceutical products to Chinese consumers through Baidu SEO optimizations

The Back Story

Roche, a Swiss multinational health-care giant and the third-largest pharma company worldwide, called on Sekkei Studio to promote their drug and development related materials and services to in vitro diagnostic test & biopharmaceutical product manufacturers in China. Roche boasts pharmaceutical and diagnostic sites in over 10 countries as well as 26 manufacturing sites around the globe and had already developed a China-oriented website dedicated to their Shanghai-based pharmaceutical site when they first approached us. Unfortunately for them, the website was ranking poorly on Baidu which resulted in a limited number of visitors and consequently a lower amount of business leads than expected. Our job as local digital specialists was therefore to leverage our expertise in Chinese SEO & Baidu content marketing to improve their search engine rankings, bring them further visibility on Baidu & ultimately increase the amount of traffic to the site.


Backed by our Chinese Baidu SEO specialists’ understanding of search engine optimization in China and local search behavior, we set out to make Roche’s website’s content & on-page elements more Baidu-friendly. To start off with, Baidu-products such as Baidu Baike, Baidu Tieba and Baidu Zhidao are central to digital marketing in China and it’s extremely important for any company to create content on these platforms in order to show up in the first results for brand and industry keywords. As well as creating content on these Baidu products, it’s also essential to pay attention to what other users & competitors are saying about you and your services in order to maintain the brand’s online reputation. In addition to performing content-marketing related tasks on Baidu products, we ensured the Roche website was optimized for Baidu’s search results through the implementation of on-page SEO improvements.

Content marketing

As mentioned above, Baidu products such as Baike, Tieba and Zhidao naturally rank well on Baidu and Chinese netizens are known to read and trust Baidu content when researching a brand or industry. For that reason, our Chinese content marketers & copywriters worked together to not only create brand-enhancing and useful content to upload to these Baidu products but also to look through existing articles and reviews that ranked for Roche brand, competitor and industry keywords so as to decide what content needed to be improved or replaced. Our content specialists also created and improved medical content on forums known in China as BBS.

Roche Content Marketing
Roche Baidu SEO Implementations

Baidu SEO implementations

Moving on from content marketing, our Baidu SEO experts implemented a range of technical and on-page actions in order to make the Roche website more search engine friendly and therefore better equipped to rank higher on Baidu. From keyword analysis, including the analysis of competitor keyword strategies and industry keyword trends, to on-page improvements in the form of URL & Meta tag rewriting, we enhanced Roche’s on-site elements so as to improve the website’s indexation on Chinese search engines and enable Roche to welcome more organic visitors.