UX Optimization: Development of Noerden’s website for a more scalable user experience

The Back Story

A great web design and UX provides a positive experience that keep users loyal to your brand. Every aspect of your website affects the user experience. A customer’s overall experience with your product or service could very well make the difference between whether they will buy, and more importantly, whether they will come back to buy again. UX plays a critical role in attracting and retaining your customer base. And for most potential customers, you only get one chance. So, the stakes are incredibly high.

Customers need confirmation within moments that they are on a legitimate, appealing site that provides them a service they’d be interested in. The experience should be uncomplicated and informative for the user. Noerden, a promising startup that specializes in smart devices for healthy living, partnered with Sekkei Studio to create a website that would incorporate their vision of fitness, style and technology. They knew that a new website would bring their service offerings to life and cater to their growing digital marketing needs.

What we did

Sekkei understands that web design is not a linear, step-by-step process. It’s a way of thinking. It’s solving actual problems with empathy. Sekkei’s process is their trademark. It is a mixture of efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and technology.

Sekkei had a dedicated team of web design professionals with expertise in localization ready to quickly jump in and start the design process. The task at hand was very clear. Noerden wanted a simple and usable interface with a mobile-first experience.

Sekkei took the effort to truly learn about Noerden’s goals and asked the right questions to understand the brand and visual language needed to fit Noerden’s needs. The web design team consisted of four members, including a web designer, project manager, front-end developer, and backend developer. The project manager broke down the deliverables and provided key communication to make the development as smooth as possible. The whole project integrated three major sections: exploration, execution, and development.

Noerden’ Marketing Strategy
Web and UX Design Optimization

Web & UX Design Optimization

The efficacy of an online platform is contingent on one key factor, and this factor is user experience. Noerden’s website is able to dynamically resize and reorient to fit all tablet and mobile devices, allowing accessibility to those with even the least capable devices. The right steps were taken to ensure that even the smallest, least capable device would have an optimized browsing experience whilst navigating the site.

Accessibility was catered for with 4 working languages including English, Chinese, French, and Spanish, as well as a sound layout, offering users a positive and enjoyable online experience. The web design team worked within the brand guidelines supplied by Noerden, to ensure that the finalized design would visually distinguish their brand vision, whilst maintaining a unified appearance throughout. Sekkei developed clear, concise communications and messaging to ensure that the design met the needs of essential visitor groups, ensuring that Noerden would be satisfied with the project.

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