Localizing & expanding Nekki’s gaming presence in China

The Back Story

In today’s gaming industry, a solid digital marketing strategy can make or break you in a foreign market. Localizing your content strategy starts with an intelligent selection of local platforms that fits your audience with culturally relevant branding. You need to consider a games’ genre, character design, and art style among other things, which is why Nekki approached Sekkei Studio for a short-term gaming promotion project. Sekkei Studio is no stranger in gaming related industries, bringing success to companies like Sennheiser gaming and Ubisoft.

Nekki is based in Cyprus and is a renowned game development company that has truly evolved with the times. Generating such a high growth rate of success with the smash hit game, Shadow Fight 2, Nekki is no newbie to the gaming world. Already having a fan base in China, Nekki wanted to strengthen their user engagement and create an even larger fan base presence in the region.


Sekkei Studio developed a range of strategic approaches, including an all-encompassing social media strategy to effectively promote Shadow Fight 3. Sekkei understands the market and knew exactly how to localize the content to have a successful campaign. Through establishing unique content, engaging with fans, and facilitating interactive competition, Sekkei had all the essential tools to fully submerge Nekki into the Chinese digital landscape.

Nekki’ Marketing Strategy

What we did

Sekkei wasted no time in starting the localization process for Shadow Fight 3 by setting up official accounts on WeChat & Weibo. This helped generate a lot of traffic and increased the fan base by over 10K in the very first month. The ranking of the content increased as the number of user comments grew, this snowball effect worked well to raise the games’ visibility and reputation.

WeChat – 31K+ followers
Weibo – 14K + followers

WeChat followers went from 0-13K from scratch. The industry average readership percentage is 4-8%, but Shadow Fight 3 had over 21.4%.

Social Media Localization

Social media localization

Chinese people heavily rely on reviews, comments, and general advice from family and friends. Word-of-mouth is huge in China and is unique in that it encourages more active users. Sekkei made consistent announcements with a localized tone of how users could get rewards to identify the biggest fans and secure even more fan loyalty.

Nekki Monkey King Lunar Tournament

Nekki Monkey king lunar tournament

The Monkey King is very famous in China and users had the opportunity to unlock a Monkey King outfit after reaching a certain level in the game. Sekkei encouraged users to submit screenshots of their characters’ appearance. They received 400 submissions, greatly exceeding the anticipated amount of 100. Sekkei shortlisted the top 20 for public vote via WeChat and got users to share with friends to get even more votes.

Sakura blossom festival

Sakura is the name of a special quest on Shadow Fight 3 that took place in the spring. Sekkei announced the event and incentivized users to share their outfit with chances of being selected in a lucky draw. 30 users received rewards and virtual currency.

Sakura event going live – 11,000 impressions

Sakura Blossom Festival

Deep user engagement

In the Chinese gaming industry, users are highly interactive and starting conversations is key. Sekkei focused on consistent gaming announcements with localized tones that evoked a great deal of positive responses. This combined with researching trends in user interactions allowed Sekkei to be able to leverage content and become more in tuned with fans.

Deep User Engagement

Key opinion leaders (KOLs)

KOLs have a high degree of relevancy in China. Communicating to the right people at the right time is crucial if you want to succeed and develop your brand awareness among Chinese users. The community managers identified the biggest gaming fans and KOLs to generate more engaging content and attract more users. This allowed Sekkei to really promote social contests and character rewards. Nekki was also a huge help in making the characters easily customizable.


This campaign was a great success due to the huge spike with the social media platforms and Nekki achieving their goal of having a stronger presence. Successful branding on WeChat & Webio along with the popularity of the game helped increase user engagement.

The diverse content and wide range of topics got quite a lot of feedback from users. The deep engagement that Sekkei had with users allowed them to give Nekki recommendations on user needs and how to continue their success in China.

WeChat content created
13 331
New Followers on WeChat
Views / Followers
1 million
Weibo Impressions
Posts on Weibo
5 873
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