Merry Home 

Technically enhancing Merry Home's online space through responsive web design and map clustering

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The Back Story

Merry Home, a leading integrated relocation service provider in Shanghai, initially contacted us as they felt their website was in need of a complete over-haul. Besides a refreshed design, they needed to update the responsiveness of their website and implement a map function that would enhance user experience and simplify the process of searching for a new apartment.

What we did

We wanted to provide them with something clear and simple that would allow users to select a property directly by clicking on the map, something previously unseen in Shanghai. We know that users are interested in searching for an apartment or property that’s close to a specific district or subway line and therefore took things further by enabling filtered searches . Within a few seconds, and regardless of the device, anyone can access a list of apartments perfectly matching what they are really looking for. The clustering feature enhances the map efficiency, allowing to display more than 3,600 properties.

Listed Properties

Clustering feature

We provided Merry Home with an efficient way to display more than 3,600 properties across the map.

Clustering Feature
Responsive design

Responsive design

The new Merry Home website was designed and developed based on the idea of cross-device compatibility. We managed to ensure high-end user experience on laptops, mobiles and tablets while providing the website with a much needed refresh.

User interactions

Merry Home wanted to be able to analyze and understand their users’ purchasing behaviour while providing them with practical tools that facilitate the process of finding & choosing a new property. For that reason, we developed interactive tools that enabled users to get in touch with real estate agents or share their findings with other property seekers.

User interactions