Onsite and Offsite SEO Implementation and Analysis - Specialized for Baidu Search Engine in China Market

The Back Story

MACOM enables a better-connected and safer world by delivering breakthrough semiconductor technologies for optical, wireless and satellite networks that satisfy society’s insatiable demand for information. In order to have better outreach, MACOM felt the need to maintain and drive the traffic on their Chinese site.

Sekkei Studio began working with MACOM in April 2017. Over the course of a year, we developed an in-depth understanding of their business in order to optimise everything about their website in China.

What we did

Identifying goals

The critical question for Sekkei Studio is: what is MACOM’s goal for their website in China? Understanding their goal was crucial to effectively optimising their website in this market.

Sekkei Studio identified MACOMS’s goal as increasing Baidu organic and overall traffic on their Chinese site without cannibalizing traffic on the global site, so that visitors can easily search for product parts, technologies and better reach out to engineers from China.

The main focus of this campaign was to improve MACOM’s ranking in search engines. ‘Cost per Click’ is an effective and immediate way to improve rankings, but it can be expensive and should not be the only method used.

Chinese Site SEO and Content Marketing

Sekkei Studio knows that is not enough to simply translate content from an English site into Chinese. Building a successful and sustainable SEO campaign is a very intricate and involved process. It is important to have an understanding of how Chinese users interact with a webpage, and what their expectations are when searching online.

To improve MACOM’s China website, Sekkei Studio, with input from their Hong Kong head office, spent time understanding how users currently navigate the website, and how this could be enhanced.

Both offsite and onsite optimization is necessary in order to enhance a website:

Optimising the website by adjusting the content to improve it, fix errors and streamline the site a as whole.

Outside of the website, Sekkei Studio employed a variety of methods to drive traffic from a variety of e-platforms to MACOM’s site.


Meta Tags
Sekkei carried out website backend enhancement by performing a detailed analysis of the website’s meta tags. URLs, page descriptions and keywords must be relevant to Chinese users. We enhanced the descriptions and expanded on the keywords currently used, boosting the website’s position in search rankings.

Landing pages
Landing pages are the first point of access when clicking through to the website from a search engine such as Baidu. Traditionally, a website’s home page is the primary landing page. However, for large websites, it is vital that other landing pages are crafted to allow users to directly access information that is related to their search. The MACOM website is vast, so Sekkei optimized various landing pages to allow users to proceed directly to relevant areas of the site. Instead of only landing on the home page, users now can land on a variety of pages depending on the search terms they used.

Tracking Analytics and Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis
We also carried out an analysis of MACOM’s competitors to understand how they connect with the Chinese market and used this research to enrich our SEO strategy for MACOM, with the goal of keeping MACOM one step ahead of its competitors.

Tracking Analytics
We implemented Baidu tracking analytics, in order to monitor and collect website traffic data. This data gave us insights such as which keywords users came in from, what the most popular site content is, what the bounce rate is, and whether there are any dead links within the site. The data has been invaluable in shaping our SEO strategy and demonstrating that we have delivered tangible results to MACOM.


Sekkei Studio has increased organic traffic to the site through link building and content marketing. This has included targeted copywriting, driving website traffic via content volume. This helps to increase brand awareness and visibility, and generates leads and conversations.

We have also made use of a variety of forums, using these to drive industry related individuals to the website. Content from MACOM is distributed both officially and unofficially to related platforms (outside of to sites such as Baidu, Zhidao, Tieba and other electronics forums including elecfans, eeworld and eefocus.


Results from April 2017 to March 2019

Organic Traffic
Overall Website Sessions
Keywords rank Top 10 on SERP and rising