Istituto Marangoni

Increasing Istituto Marangoni's online visibility through effective SEO

The Back Story

We started working with Istituto Marangoni in September 2012 with the objective to increase the number of visits to their website. Despite being one of the four biggest fashion and design schools out there, Istituto Marangoni felt their lack of digital marketing efforts was holding them back from receiving more conversions.

What we did

Since 2012, we have built a strong long-term partnership to help them develop their online visibility and lead generation strategy. Working on their two websites: the Shanghai Training Center and the worldwide group’s website, we work exclusively for the Chinese Market which implies SEO and SEM on Baidu, directly managed by our Chinese digital experts. Our work is so far successful, and we keep a long-lasting collaboration with Istituto Marangoni for their online marketing and display campaigns.

Google PPC Cost per lead
Baidu PPC Cost per lead
Organic Traffic

Search engine marketing

Our mission was to help the Istituto Marangoni to obtain more leads. To do so, we created 15 Baidu ppc campaigns, containing totally 1655 keywords and 204 ads, plus 1 Google campaign. Being in charge of those campaigns was a full time job but our efforts paid off since on Baidu, we succeeded in maintaining a decreasing CPL at a conversion rate of 1.7%.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization

During the SEO work, we optimized the 150 pages of the website one by one and corrected the new errors appearing along the period. We helped them to build backlinks, increase the time on site and pages per visits and decrease their bounce rate. Their number of mobile users increased significantly. Since March 2014, the mobile landing page has become the most viewed page of the website.

Banner display

For the display campaigns, our designers created some GIF and JPG beforehand and we developed the landing pages. On Baidu Display, our main goal was to keep a CPL under 250RMB. We overachieved this goal since at the end of the period (17 months), we reached a CPL of 196RMB for a conversion rate of 1.16%.

Banner display