Complete revamp of the official ITTC website: Design and Drupal development

The Back Story

The IKEA Test Lab and Training Centre, more commonly known as the ITTC lab, is the first IKEA owned test lab outside of Sweden. Unsatisfied with the visual identity and performance of their website, the guys at the ITTC lab required our services to give their website a trendier feel as well as improved functionality and accessibility.

What we did

After analyzing the look and structure of the website, we realized it was in need of a complete revamp. Not only did it lack the warm IKEA spirit we’ve come accustomed to, it was unorganized and anything but user-friendly. Our job as designers and developers was to organize the website in such a way that navigation would become intuitive, thus allowing users to find the information they sought fast. In parallel, we wanted to provide IKEA with an easily-customizable website that would enable them to add news and upload documents at ease.

UI & UX analysis

In order to get a better understanding of the issues the website was facing, the home page and sitemap were analyzed in detail. The main issue was that users could not access the information they sought due to a badly organized menu and generally-speaking, a bad hierarchical organization of the information. In order to enhance the accessibility and organization of the website, we created a menu with clear and distinct categories identified by a declension of customized icons.

UI & UX Analysis
Visual identity

Visual identity

Thanks to the utilization of lively colors and a simplistic layout, the design work we executed gave the ITTC lab website a much stronger IKEA feel. Furthermore, the website we developed showcases a real identity. Indeed, at a glance we recognize that ITTC is a high tech laboratory.

Migration to Drupal 7

The objective was to facilitate the use of the website and to make it easier to administrate for the client. By building the website with a modern CMS such as Drupal, we made sure that content edits such as adding news or uploading a new pdf to the website were smooth and simple to make for IKEA.

Migration to Drupal 7