Developing Hoover's digital strategy and brand recognition in China

The Back Story

Hoover, the iconic American vacuum brand that’s become synonymous with vacuum cleaners and vacuuming from the UK to the US, requested our services with regards to their expansion to China. Being such a household name in most markets, you’ll be surprised to discover that Hoover was practically unknown here in China and it was our job as Chinese digital specialists to conceptualize and put in place Hoover’s local digital strategy, a strategy that revolved around generating an online presence and social media activity in particular.

What we did

International clients regularly depend on our local expertise to guide them when it comes to creating localized content that targets the right people in the right places. We understood that Hoover’s end goal was to gain visibility in China, be it on social media, search engines etc. and reach more customers with their products and we therefore put in place a 3-step strategy based on our understanding of Chinese online behavior that would allow them to thrive in China’s booming digital market. Our strategy was organized around 3 pillars: Website design & development, WeChat & Weibo social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Hoover Products

Website design & development

Despite being active on China’s main e-commerce platforms, namely Tmall, JD & Suning, Hoover didn’t have a localized Chinese website to call their own and were therefore missing a centralized online product catalogue through which they could promote their goods and link out to these sales platforms. For that reason, we developed and designed a simplistic and product-oriented website that serves in many ways as a shop window, an online brochure on which users can filter through product categories & models and ultimately be redirected to their chosen online store. With regards to the website’s aesthetics, our web designers took inspiration from Hoover’s existing brand identity and gave the website a stripped down and smooth feel that looks great across all devices.

Website Design and Development

WeChat & Weibo Marketing

Nowadays, any brand that wishes to enter the Chinese market and become a mainstay product among Chinese consumers has no other choice but to be active on local social media platforms. Not only do these platforms serve as a promotional tool, they more importantly enable brands to build an online community on which potential & past customers can act as advocates and ultimately engage with the brand and its products. But don’t be tricked into thinking that being active is sufficient to generate engagement, our experience has taught us that daily maintenance will only take you so far. As well as creating and publishing Hoover-related content on a daily basis on WeChat & Weibo, we created a range of online activations in the form of H5 games, competitions and sweepstakes that gave Hoover the means to entertain and grow their blossoming online community.

WeChat & Weibo Marketing
Chinese search engine optimization

Chinese search engine optimization

Due to the fact that organic search apparently drives 51% of all visitors to B2B and B2C websites, ensuring that your website is optimized for search engines is essential to its success and overall visibility. Consequently, once the Hoover product website had been deployed in 2 languages (Chinese & English), we proceeded in implementing a range of on-page search engine optimizations in order to enhance its visibility on search engines, most importantly Baidu and Google. From the analysis of brand & industry keywords, examining competitors’ keyword strategies in the process, to the rewriting of Meta tags & URLs for improved rankings & user-friendliness, we executed various SEO-orientated implementations that brought Hoover’s Chinese website further visibility and visitors.