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The Back Story

Hayco designs and manufactures a wide range of consumer goods for some of the world’s leading FMCG companies and retailers, specializing in plastics and brushes. Their products can be found in major supermarket around the world, from electric toothbrushes and shavers to baby bottles and sweeper mops. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with factories in China and the Dominican Republic, Hayco ships over 180 million products to 60 countries every year.

In 2015, Hayco launched their new website to a mixed response. Appear-ance, structure, presentation of content, and navigation all had to be re-thought. Most pressing, however, was user engagement—Hayco’s website was missing its “wow” factor, and potential clients were noticing.

What we did

A website is often a company’s first opportunity to leave an impression with po-tential clients. More than simply a portal to advertise products and leave con-tact information, a properly designed website provides an at-glance look at a company’s philosophy and through design, much in the same way that a person can get a “feel” for a city through the design of its buildings and streets. An un-pleasant design, or one that clashes with the values of potential clients, will on-ly serve to drive potential customers away.

Knowing this, the goal of new website was clear: allow Hayco to show-case its strengths and put forth the best message possible through design.

Our web design team consisted of four members, including a project man-ager, web designer, front-end developer and backend developer.

We began with a complete revamp of their old website. From the ground up, we build a clean, modern-feeling website with an intuitive navigation. Con-tent was key here; the new website highlights the company’s history, reliability, technical expertise and the importance that Hayco places on building strong re-lationships with its partners.

Yet informative and engaging content alone is not enough—attractive graphics helped to highlight key information and encourage users to spend more time browsing the website.

Web and UI/UX Design

Our design philosophy operates on a few simple principles.

Websites should be clean, simple, and easy to navigate. The days of clunky, Java-cluttered websites are long gone—there is no need to waste pre-cious resources on loading background music or flash animations. With a well-chosen color palate and the proper level of stimulation, users can focus on the important stuff without feeling overwhelmed or bored.

User-interface should be intuitive, without forcing users to spend precious time searching for key information. Navigating the website should not feel like a puzzle or a chore; utilizing an effective layout and and a properly ordered site map, Hayco’s can more efficiently get their message across to their clients.


Sekkei Studio found that Drupal’s content management system (CMS) would be ideal for Hayco’s needs. Using Drupal, Hayco would be able to easily integrate and manage important features such as user registration and admin-istration, RSS feeds, page layout customization, and system management. Form creation and call-to-action buttons, key to Hayco’s needs, could also be easily managed through Drupal. Drupal is the third most commonly used CMS, and is preferred for high-traffic websites.

Drupal’s user friendly and non-technical CMS framework allows Hayco to easily manage and interact with their website, while also ensuring that the website is fully functional and responsive across all devices.