Leveraging key influencers to maximise Coop's reach on social media

The Back Story

Coop, Italy’s largest supermarket chain, trusted us with the important task of developing their business in China through enhanced online visibility and social media activations. Despite being a force to be reckoned with in Europe, Coop was unknown to Chinese consumers and while they clearly wanted to get exposure, their primary objective was to generate business activity through Tmall, China’s largest B2C E-commerce platform.


What we did

As well as conducting an SEO revamp of their Asian website and regular content marketing to create a presence for them on Baidu products, we developed their Chinese social media platforms and still regularly maintain these channels while growing and activating their follower base. In an aim to promote their brand without forgetting the primary objective of generating business activity, each of our social media activations on Weibo and WeChat are accompanied by a link or QR code that redirects to their E-commerce store.

Community management

Our Chinese social media experts publish several posts per week on WeChat & Weibo, leveraging hot trending topics and creating fun food-related games and articles. We encourage Coop social media followers to engage with the brand through food-related quizzes and publish beautiful visuals of Italian dishes and sceneries that reinforce Coop’s Italian identity. On top of that, we provide followers with food tips and secrets by sharing a range of Italian recipes that link out to Coop products on Tmall.

Community management
O2O Cooking Class Campaign

O2O cooking class campaign

One of the most successful campaigns we’ve conducted for Coop was a cooking class with 2 food and lifestyle KOLs. We promoted the event and encouraged fans to tell us why they love Italian food through the KOLs’ and Coop’s social media accounts before selecting the 8 lucky candidates through a lucky draw. The 8 lucky winners were therefore invited to a cooking class lead by an Italian chef and a member of the Coop team. Before the class began, the participants were asked to try certain Coop products and give their feedback. We received over 300 answers and gained over 600 followers on Coop’s social media accounts.

User interactions

KOL communication

By leveraging our extensive network of food KOLs, we are able to reach a much larger and more appropriate target market with the food-related content we create. We ask our KOLs to encourage their fans to follow Coop’s WeChat & Weibo accounts through lucky draws in which one new follower wins a food-related prize but also provide these KOLs with Coop products that they promote through their social media platforms.

KOL communication