Generating Baidu search-engine visibility for Avaya in China's competitive enterprise communication market

The Back Story

Avaya, an industry leader in internet telephony and enterprise communication systems, reached out to Sekkei Studio in order to generate more brand awareness in China and grab market share from their local competitors, namely Cisco and Huawei. Lacking on-page SEO implementations and Baidu-centered content, Avaya’s website was struggling to compete with their competitors’ keyword strategies and search engine rankings. Avaya therefore wanted to leverage our Baidu specialists’ expertise in search engine optimization and content marketing to bring more visibility to their website on Baidu, enhance their rankings and ultimately lead more visitors to the website.

What we did

Our extensive experience working with international clients looking to generate visibility on Chinese search engines has taught us that on-page SEO implementations will only take you so far when it comes to attracting potential customers. Indeed, no matter how well your website might rank for industry keywords, you’ll lack credibility & trustworthiness if you don’t create content on Baidu products. That’s why the digital strategy we put in place for Avaya encompassed SEO implementations and Baidu content creation.

SEO implementations

In an aim to enhance Avaya’s website’s search engine friendliness, we executed a variety of on-page & off-page SEO actions, ranging from keyword analysis to backlink generation and everything in between. Avaya’s sitemap was completely rethought, the URLs & Meta tags were rewritten so as to fit Baidu’s preferences and we conducted an in-depth keyword analysis based on competitor & industry trends to ensure that Avaya’s on-page elements were optimized. With regards to off-page optimization, we reached out to numerous authoritative and industry sources in order to strengthen Avaya’s backlink profile and increase the number of referral visitors.

Avaya SEO Implementations
Avaya Content Marketing

Content marketing

It’s very common for Chinese netizens to filter through reviews, Q&As & articles on Baidu products such as Tieba & Zhidao before trusting a brand or product to the point of making a purchase. For that reason, our Chinese content marketers and copywriters joined forces to create brand & industry related content that underlined the quality of Avaya’s products and the competitive advantage they held over their competitors. The content we created was uploaded to the relevant Baidu products and optimized in such way that it ranked higher than their competitors’ own Baidu content. In addition to creating content, our content marketers looked through all 1st page articles and reviews that came up for competitor, industry and Avaya brand keywords so as to establish what pre-existing content needed to be replaced or improved.