WeChat SEO: WeChat Search Features Brands Should Know

WeChat Marketing is a critical marketing tool for any brand in China and has developed into an industry in its own right. One of the most striking features of WeChat is how dynamic and engaging it can be for branding especially with the addition of WeChat search function.

For brands entering the Chinese market, effective SEO on this platform can be a key element for generating a buzz for your brand, increasing traffic to your website and attracting new customers. WeChat search is a sophisticated system and can be a bit more difficult for brands to tap into as WeChat’s search functions are less visible and ever-growing. Here are a few WeChat SEO features that brands should be utilizing to get the maximum amount of online visibility.


Navigating through WeChat’s Search Features 


Brand Zone Search

Brand zone is a one-stop-shop for verified brands on WeChat search results where users can obtain brand information. It gives users easy access to brand’s official WeChat accounts, boutique stores, and customized content. This allows anyone on WeChat to directly search and find brands through one point of entry. Users can easily access the brand’s official boutique store and make purchases with just one click without leaving WeChat. Brands are able to control traffic within the zone, redirect visitors from one zone to the next and give brand exposure to users that aren’t following its official account.

WeChat SEO


WeChat Index Search

WeChat Index is a tool that measures the popularity of designated keywords based on their search volume within WeChat. It’s based on big data analysis and mobile indexing of WeChat articles and the exposure of shared articles.  There is no search box or menu option for the index as of now, so users can either search for WeChat Index (“微信指数”) to locate the app and then enter the brand term to see the trend. Alternatively, users can type “微信指数 + Keyword” to get the results directly.

With WeChat Index, brands can find out what the most popular searches are on WeChat and use that information to modify their marketing strategies and get a much better understanding of their target audience. It offers brands a complete and systematic solution to measure the impact of their marketing efforts.

WeChat Search


WeChat Mini Program Search

WeChat Mini Programs can be accessed directly within the WeChat messaging app and are also discoverable by keyword search. Mini program developers can submit up to 10 keywords for each program and users can find them via WeChat search. The keywords must be somehow related to the features or characteristics of the brand. The ranking algorithm includes factors such as the relevance of the keyword, the quality of the mini-program, and user usage. Developers can also check the performance of the keywords and make changes up to three times per month. Mini Programs have the capacity to set the trend for the “post-app era” and bring a lot of new opportunities to attract new customers.

WeChat SEO: WeChat Search Features Brands Should Know


Search Integration with JD

WeChat has a new shopping function that lets people shop directly on JD.com, which is the second largest e-commerce firm in China. Customers are able to enter consumer product related keywords in the WeChat search box or the discover tab, and top products from JD will automatically pop up. Users can also win random cashback on purchases by shopping through the WeChat entry point.  Search integration has a lot of potential and by adding value-added services, brands are more likely to cultivate strong customer loyalty with a competitive advantage.

WeChat SEO: WeChat Search Features Brands Should Know


WeChat has plenty of data to draw from to build the perfect search engine for the future. With 1 billion registered monthly users, WeChat has more data on its users than Baidu or Google. The app knows where users are, what they like and buy, plus so much more. With 50% of WeChat users spending more than 90 minutes per day on the app, the possibilities are endless. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to take advantage of WeChat’s search functions and maximize your brand’s potential.




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