WeChat 600 MAU 2015

600 Million Active Users on WeChat App

600 Million Active Users on WeChat – MAU Tencent WeChat 2015

On Aug 12th 2015, Tencent released latest figures related to its monthly active users, they are now more than 600 million using WeChat on a monthly-basis.

WeChat Monthly Active Users Since 2013

WeChat 600 Million

100 Million-increase compared to end-2014 figures 


WeChat is really becoming a must-have for smartphone owners. The Tencent App leads the messaging App market.

Comparison – 1.39 Billion Monthly Active Users on Facebook

Facebook proudly shows 1.39 Billion monthly active users. Even if WeChat is now available through more than 20 language versions and more than 200 countries and regions, it remains mostly downloaded in its original market.

More than 900 Million Smartphones in China

There are reportedly 913 Million smartphones in the country, that’s 68% of the whole 1.3 billion mobile connections – just a few hundreds million users to reach and WeChat will be a 100%-penetration-rate smartphone App.

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