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Digital Marketing in China: 90's Kid is Spearheading the Future

Raised in an era of digital breakthroughs, social clicks, and instant gratification, China 90’s kid is spending carefree compared to their international peers. This group has a greater sense of identity and a unique concept of consumption that differs from Chinese Millennials. Born in 1995 or after, they are projected to be 2.56 billion strong and account for 40% of the global Gen-Z purchases by 2020.

There’s nothing new about curating the news and aggregating content, but it goes without saying that content discovery has drastically changed in the past decade. Now consumers expect a frictionless delivery and readily-available news content in return for their interest, and China’s most addictive news app, Toutiao, has gone far beyond that concept.

Toutiao may not be a name familiar in the West, but it’s quickly grown into one of China’s most important platforms.

kol marketing

With the rise of social media in this digital era, it’s no surprise that the fast-moving influencer industry has developed at an even more advanced pace. The digital age has seen a shift in marketing with the presence of KOL. KOL, better known as Key Opinion Leaders, are what consumers are drifting towards in hopes of finding some authenticity from the traditional approach of digital advertising.

How the Rise of Short Videos Platforms is Important for your Brand

There is no denying that social media is one of the best methods for engaging consumers and raising brand awareness in China, as the country has a remarkable high mobile device penetration rate. Consumers in China who once compared products and prices by shopping in malls are now utilizing short videos to make purchase decisions.

Short videos have seen exponential growth in China and are gradually becoming one of the major ways that Chinese consumers are recording and sharing information.