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Digital Marketing in China: 90's Kid is Spearheading the Future

Raised in an era of digital breakthroughs, social clicks, and instant gratification, China 90’s kid is spending carefree compared to their international peers. This group has a greater sense of identity and a unique concept of consumption that differs from Chinese Millennials. Born in 1995 or after, they are projected to be 2.56 billion strong and account for 40% of the global Gen-Z purchases by 2020.

China KOL Marketing

In the race to go digital – while pursuing likes, shares, followers, clicks and reposts – it’s vital for brands to make sure that they have a diversified Key Opinion Leader – KOL campaign strategy. The concept behind the influencer industry is far from new with celebrities providing an extra shove to a brand’s reputation.

China’s frequently growing middle class and younger generation are continually contributing to the rapid growth of the luxury goods market. Just as e-commerce is becoming more social — social media is becoming more sales centric and word-of-mouth is one of the most convincing approaches for this phenomenon called social shopping. Social shopping has gone from being a nice thought up idea to a vital asset in any company’s toolkit when expanding to China, but if any one type of platform is best suited to ride the wave then it’s the Little Red Book (RED), locally known as Xiao Hong Shu.