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Living in China, there are certain apps that are unavoidable; Tencent’s WeChat is one, the other being Meituan Dianping. Millions of Chinese citizens rely on these apps every day in almost every aspect of their lives. Seeing that China is a mobile-first society, these apps work hard to make sure users have everything they need in the palm of their hands.


With consumers increasingly interacting with the digital world via mobile phones and social apps, it’s now becoming imperative for brands to leverage the power of social platforms. Social commerce has been something of a buzz recently and Chinese shoppers are always eager to land a good bargain. It’s not hard to see why the world’s largest e-commerce market is being transformed by the fast-growing app known as Pinduoduo.

TikTok for the Chinese Digital Marketing Sphere

If you’ve taken part in a digital marketing event in China, you’ll know by now that the digital landscape is extensive and ever-changing. Even in a digital landscape where everything changes at the blink of an eye, the explosive growth of ByteDance’s Douyin app—or TikTok to give it its official English name, is astonishing to say the least.

China is already more digitized than many spectators realize with one of the most active digital-investment and start-up ecosystems in the world. “Ecosystem” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the tech industry, but this buzzword actually deserves a lot of attention. The digital tech rise in China has appeared to grow from overnight but far from inexplicable.

WeChat, the ever-present social networking app, with over 1 billion users, has brands scrambling to set up shop and optimize new ways of engaging with their audience through this all-encompassing platform. WeChat continues to seek opportunities to evolve and finally outdid itself by venturing into e-commerce and even live-streaming. And it makes a great deal of sense as to why WeChat Mini Program has gained a lot of traction.