David Henriques
Tips for Local Businesses in France

As Chinese outbound tourists travel more frequently and to locations outside of their comfort zone, competition to market to them can be quite the battle for French brands looking to be seen. These travelers are taking advantage of the luxury to research destinations on their own, and make travel plans around the experiences they discover from social media apps like Mafengwo.

David Henriques
Baidu PPC

With Baidu being the most popular search engine in China, it’s an undeniable good place to start when it comes to reaching Chinese consumers. Brand positioning plays a fundamental role for facilitating this reach and brands need to utilize search in a way that ensures their advertising resonates with the right audience in the most compelling way.…

David Henriques
SEO Services for Small Business

You often see SEO or Search Engine Optimization mentioned by either famous brand or small businesses, that it helps ensuring your brand presence to your target audience and staying in front of competitors when searching on Search Engines. When more than 90% of internet users are using search engines to look for answers, seo services for small business can no longer be ignored.…

David Henriques
wechat ecommerce

Along with the rise in disposable income and lasting perception that foreign brands have higher quality products, Chinese consumers are increasingly buying products though cross-border e-commerce. This growth in cross-border e-commerce offers an alternative gateway for foreign brands selling products, especially for overseas brands that lack the scale to establish a physical store in China.

And for brands who are planning to launch full-size stores, cross-border e-commerce is a great way to establish their presence and test the market.…

David Henriques
wechat trend 2020

Whether you’re just starting out with a fresh WeChat account or have been tasked with growing an established one, it’s never a bad idea to stay on top of key updates, new trends and major announcements revolving around WeChat marketing. 2020 will be a busy year for WeChat, with a range of updates and changes that will help to advance and evolve the platform, and provide new opportunities for both users and brands.…

David Henriques
organic seo

As we all know, Internet is the most powerful medium for advertising and promoting business, whether it is a local physical store or an online business startup. Millions of people around the world surf on the Internet every day for a variety of activities, view their emails, visit social networking sites, purchase products, book flights, read reviews, watch videos, read blogs, etc.…

Tony DeGennaro

China’s #1 Search Engine – Baidu

As you likely already know, China’s search engine market isn’t dominated by Google like in the rest of the world. Google left the Chinese market way back in 2010 after it suffered from a cybersecurity attack that had originated within China. In place of Google several domestic Chinese search engines have risen up to dominate the market, with the most successful being Baidu.…

David Henriques

Living in China, there are certain apps that are unavoidable; Tencent’s WeChat is one, the other being Meituan Dianping. Millions of Chinese citizens rely on these apps every day in almost every aspect of their lives. Seeing that China is a mobile-first society, these apps work hard to make sure users have everything they need in the palm of their hands.…