Google Analytics “not provided” 3 years later

Since 2011, Google decided to hide part of data showed to their GA users.

Even if Google has improved a lot UX and usability during the last few months/years, this data encryption makes things highly complicated dealing with organic traffic tracking.

Which keywords are used by users to reach my website?…


Can Tencent WeChat become company’s internal tool?

We all know WeChat and its incredible number of users (some studies mention more than 600 Million-users at the end of 2014).  This Chinese App has become a leading communication tool for personal use of smartphone owners. Initially famous for the release of the social App QQ, Tencent is now famous for its extremely rapid expansion.…

Big Data on iPad 2014

New marketing opportunities brought by Big Data

At Sekkei Studio, what we really focus on is increasing your online presence. We use analytical data everyday to know better those who browse your website, hence increasing user-experience (experts call it “UX”). Everyone talks about big data but just a small part of them is really aware of what it really is, or more precisely what it’s going to bring concretely to engineers, marketers and all kind of businesses stakeholders in the next few years.…


E-commerce in China is a fast-growing sector, but what are the main websites involved in this incredible evolution?

Since its creation in 2008, Sekkei Studio ensures well-prepared and cost-efficient digital solutions for worldwide clients. Sekkei Studio knows better than anyone what are the ways to reach and overcome your company’s objectives on the biggest market worldwide in term of potential clients. …