David Henriques
Digital Marketing on Smart Watch

Apple for sure has changed the whole mobile industry, will it change the watch industry? On theverge.com, we found an interesting post that says “Financial Times says that Apple has significantly stepped up hiring in a bid to engineer its long-rumored smartwatch.”

Maybe, the strategy is caused by a smartwatch released in Italy – “i’m watch” based on Google operating system Android.…

David Henriques
Baidu SEO

On July 1st , Baidu announced a new notification for its Green Radish Algorithm Update (百度绿萝算法2.0更新公告). The coming update is dedicated to filtering out the websites that have promoted plenty of backlinks thought Press Release. – Not only PR, Q&A’s websites are also concerned (Baidu Zhidao for example).

I know some of you have built backlinks using these SEO techniques on Baidu.…

David Henriques
WeChat supports online payment

On Jun. 20th, WeChat launched a new function of online payment in low key. Based on TenPay – an online payment service provided by Tencent, users are now allowed to purchase inside the APP.

McDonald’s is the first one who supports WeChat online payment by providing a special member card – Cha Dian Ka (茶点卡).…

David Henriques
Banner with Sekkei WeChat QR Code

On Jan. 23rd and May. 17th , we have talked about WeChat (WeiXin), and explain how exactly marketing on this platform is working:

In case you have missed them:

Today, we would like to recommend 5 awesome WeChat official accounts to you, and let you better understand what is it possible to do with Wechat:

1.McDonald’s -麦当劳

Let’s start with a world famous chain restaurants brand

McDonald's WeChat Profile

McDonald’s WeChat is obviously used for CRM – or should we say branding in a more proper way.…

David Henriques
Baidu Brand Zone Promotion

It is always annoying when an other company’s ads is above yours – especially if your customer is searching for one of your product or service.

It’s based on this analysis that Baidu imagined Brand Zone(百度品牌专区). Basically it is a promise of being in the first position in the results page.


Basic functions of Baidu Brand Zone

Generally, there is no picture on SERP – search engine result page.…

David Henriques
Jean-Michel Cousteau's Film & Education Program in Shanghai

Connection between humanity and nature

Organized by Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Future Society, Co-Organized by T+S, China, supported by the Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation and the Consulate General of the United States of America, Shanghai. OCEAN EXPLORATION — Film & Education Program 2013 aims to present the beauty of nature, connecting humanity and nature in an effort to promote sustainable living and ecological economic development.…

David Henriques

May 2013 update: An official WeChat (Weixin) account require 500 followers to obtain the final approval. In order to help you build your marketing strategy on Wechat, we created a detailed tutorial: WeChat (Weixin) Marketing – A fast growing social marketing tool


Wechat is a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China.…