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Sekkei Studio in South China Morning Post – Medical Advertising

In a recent news article published on the South China Morning Post website, Sekkei Studio’s general manager David Henriques provided his expert opinion on the regulation of medical advertising.

Due to the recent inauguration of numerous private hospitals and pharmacies in mainland China, medicine and healthcare-related advertising has become one of the 10 major industries contributing to Baidu’s online marketing revenues in 2015.
As you can imagine, an industry as important and as sensitive as healthcare is highly-regulated and search engines such as Baidu have an important role to play when it comes to ensuring the reliability of medical advertisements.
While medical advertisements on pharmaceutical products and medical equipment have long been restricted, medical treatment-related advertisements were left unrestricted until September 2015.

Despite the recent criticism Baidu has received regarding its placement of sponsored health care providers in its search results, the company insists that they have taken steps to protect consumers and guarantee the accuracy of the information displayed.
One of the steps they have taken is to introduce Plus V verification systems that rate advertisers on a series of factors from customer feedback to the cost and duration of an advertiser’s campaign.

Check out the original article to learn about the other steps Baidu has taken and read what our general manager has to say.

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