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How Is Mobile Advertisement Going in 2015

2015 Mobile Advertisement Figures

22% for tablets, 71% for smartphones, those percentages give an idea of how incredible the 2015 Q2 increase of paid search spending is. (IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Report).

Mobile Search Spending Year-To-Year Advertisement Evolution

This reports shows quite interesting things regarding mobile advertisement, it also brings crucial insights splitting phones and tablets figures.

Reading the report we learn that in 2015 the number of impressions of Ads on mobile devices has increased 8%, decreased 17% on tablets. The clicks are important as well as they show a 38% increase for phones this year – they’ve decreased 3% for tablets..

CTR (Click Through Rate) and CPC (Cost Per Click), two crucial Pay-Per-Click metrics, have increased by 20 to 25% compared to last year figures.

That’s a lot, but the most significant increase is actually the amount of money spent in Q2 2015, on the phone segment, 71% (“only” 22% increase of spending targeting the tablets).

Facebook Keeps On Surging On Display Advertisement Network

Facebook is really becoming a serious threat to Google on the Display side. Now Facebook has its own DSP (Demand-Side Plateform), a real-time bidding ad system, and is still the second most visited website on the internet, after Google, followed by YouTube, and Baidu (March 2015 Ranking).

Programmatic Display To Overtake Paid Search by 2016?

Programmatic Display is growing, the report shows a 33% year-to-year increase.

Re-marketing and other advertisement, cookies-based algorithms are at the core of programmatic display. It’s more effective than ever, some specialist and here at Sekkei Studio think it shows serious signs of overcoming classic Paid Search next year, let’s wait and see. Meanwhile here at Sekkei we keep on using Display Network to advertise online – and we obtain tangible results.

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