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Google Trends and Real-Time Data

Google Trends is Updating Its Features – Real-Time Analysis

What is Google Trends?

Launched in 2006, Google Trends is a powerful search analysis tool powered by the leading search giant. The main purpose is simple: Get the search trends, analyse global users behaviour, try to figure out what’s the real query users type in the search bar when they are looking for a product/service of a given industry.

What’s New in June 2015 regarding Google Trends?

–  Explore search in depth.

–  Stories are now tracked in Real-time.

–  Minute-per-minute search insights.

– YouTube figures and Google News.

–  A new Homepage, with 28 different versions.

What’s happening on a given minute, extract info among the 100 billion searches that take place on Google each month.

Tiger Woods Trends

What’s wrong with “Tiger Woods” end of June queries?

An horrible day for Tiger at June 2015 Golf US Open – An immediate effect on its related trends on Google in terms of search volume. That’s typically the kind of info you can extract from Google Trends, and from now you even can go deeper in it.

Google Trends Real-Time Feature

On a hour-basis, or focusing on a minute-by-minute search, you’ll be able to know exactly what happened on searches.

What’s the point of using Google Trends?

Google Trends homepage highlights the hot topics of the search engine on a given period. Through an advertisement perspective, it’s used daily to know whether a sentence is used today, comparing with last month/year data.

The real-time feature brings value to Trends, making it more enjoyable by everyone. Google communication pretends that this update actually aims to make users “explore topics, better understand the world around them”.

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