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Google to Launch PlayStore Apps Ads

A New Way to Promote Apps on the Play Store – Google Play App Ads 

1 billion users,  in 190 different countries, that’s the amazing performance of the Google Play Store, the online platform used by Android devices owners when they’re seeking great Apps to download.

Through this major PlayStore system update, Google aims to catch internet users attention while they download apps.

App Ads Now Appear in Google Play Search Results  – Ads on Google Play

Here is what it looks like

Google actually started out piloting the App Install Ads last February within a restricted circle of advertisers and partners. Few days ago it has been extended to the whole Google Play Store ecosystem.

Google Adwords Improvement For App Search Targeting

Here is what it looks like – on the advertiser side

It happens directly from your Adwords campaign management platform – As usual you’ll be able to define a given Ad group, carefully prepare your copywriting through two distinct lines, as well as the final URL, with the possibility to include/exclude some devices such as tablets.

Other Announcement – Universal App Campaigns 

In the latest Google official communication, it was written Google would launch Universal App Campaigns within the next few weeks.


Apparently it would be based on the same principle as Adword Express, the well-known feature used on the Adwords Pay-Per-Click side (The ability to manage online advertising campaign more efficiently, though loosing a bit of management control).

Surojit Chatterjee, director of product management at the Mobile Search division, said in his latest blog post that “As the apps ecosystem continues to grow, we’re dedicated to creating products that help developers get their apps to the users who will love them”.

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