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Stefan Kingham
WeChat mini-app stores banner

If you’ve been a regular reader for some time now, you might recall a piece we wrote back in September 2016 on the imminent release of WeChat mini-apps and how they were going to change the world.

It turns out we and most other digital experts completely overestimated the feature as mini-apps have been nothing short of a flop since landing on WeChat in January 2017.…

Stefan Kingham
Digital Hongbao Banner

Much has been said about the three-way battle between Chinese internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (commonly referred to as China BAT) and the different digital fields in which they compete, including e-commerce and mobile payment.

But despite being a fiercely competitive “market” with the potential to influence each company’s long-term success in China, little is actually known about the impact of digital red envelopes on the Chinese internet industry and what we can expect from this mysterious feature in the near future.…

Stefan Kingham
WeChat Wallet Banner

Greetings fellow marketers and WeChat enthusiasts, today we’re going to be discussing WeChat’s main feature, the WeChat Pay, and taking a closer look at the way it functions in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

While the WeChat Pay may seem like old news to those of you who’ve been living in Mainland China for several years now, it’s steadily making a name for itself in Hong Kong and is thus far relatively unknown abroad.…

Stefan Kingham

Calling all SEO wizards, WeChat enthusiasts and social marketing aficionados!

Today we’ll be diving into the little-known world of WeChat SEO in order to gain a better understanding of WeChat’s current search functions, interpret the manner in which WeChat content is ranked within WeChat search and provide you with suggestions regarding the optimization of your WeChat public account.…

Anastasia Masalova
2016 WeChat Data Report banner

Tencent has announced its 2016 WeChat Data Report at the WeChat Workshop Pro Edition that took place in Guangzhou on December 28th. According to the research, 50% of users use WeChat every day for at least 90 minutes. Daily active users reached 768 million in September, making a 35% growth year-over-year. What else has happened on China’s biggest social platform within the past year?…

Anastasia Masalova
2016 Roundup. Weibo vs WeChat banner

2016 is finally coming to an end. You’ve made the final preparations, your yearly budget is toted up along with a myriad of other things we need to wrap up before stepping into another chapter in history. Indeed, a lot has happened this year. I will let the zillions of journalists out there to recap the political, cultural, economic and other news that have been troubling people’s heads during the last year.…

Stefan Kingham
Singles' Day Cover

It’s that time of the year again ladies and gentleman, records are set to be broken and people all over the country are readying themselves to consume for the sake of consuming.
Yes you guessed it, Singles’ day is around the corner and how could you possibly not know about it?

From posters in subway stations to repeated ads on elevator screens (Don’t tell me you haven’t heard the Jingdong jingle!) and everything in between, China’s e-commerce giants are leaving nothing to luck as they plan ahead and build momentum ahead of the biggest online shopping day of the year.…

Stefan Kingham
Creative WeChat campaigns

Hello to all readers!

This week we’ll be taking a closer look at several creative WeChat campaigns that have caught our attention in recent times.

WeChat’s ever-expanding functions provide marketers with brand new ways to connect with and spike the interest of potential customers.

From QR codes that lead to H5 games to shake functions that enable users to interact with people and brands around them, WeChat has taken social media marketing to a whole new level in which online-to-offline activations are increasingly popular and commonplace.…