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As with all marketing, social media trends can change drastically from year to year and this is especially true when it comes to social media platforms in China. As social media sites continue to develop their own niche, brands need to stay up-to-date on the latest platforms to market their business. Whether you are an experienced marketer or a marketer looking to venture into Chinese social media marketing, it’s helpful to know the most popular social media sites around.

WeChat Advertising

Whatever your industry, segment and audience, a considerable chunk of your customers are on social media. In order to boost your sales and increase your online awareness in China, marketing on WeChat is a great place to start. With so many active daily users, there is an almost endless supply of consumers to target and turn into paying customers.

Arguably one of the most creative innovations to come out of the Chinese digital landscape, WeChat Mini Programs (MPs) are at the forefront of disrupting how consumers interact with apps. What’s equally impressive is that MPs have no notable counterpart in the West. With more than 600 million users and over 1.5 million developers leveraging a brands reach, it’s simply impossible to ignore the boundless potential of how MPs serve as a digital marketing tool in China.

From the printing press to digital ads, advertising has changed with the times especially when marketing to China. Advertisement spending will continue to increase as the middle classes’ purchasing habits continue to fuel the market, but many foreign companies often fail to understand that the digital advertisement industry in China differs from the West. When advertising your business to the Chinese market, there are three important factors to remember: the digital landscape is fragmented, China is dominated by mobile, and Chinese consumers change quickly.

WeChat CRM

While China still represents a big growth opportunity for brands entering the market, brands need to be more measured and focus on delivering experiences to create authentic customer value. Brands continue to expect significant growth, but don’t utilize the tools that will help them properly achieve that goal. The future of customer service stems from smart targeting and convenience—online and off. 


Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has continuously shocked the mobile application industry with its groundbreaking developments and functions to create an app for everything. The tech giant has reached 1.08 billion monthly active users and shows no sign of slowing down. WeChat still dominates areas from communication to payment services, and there is still significant room for growth in the the gaming and advertisement industry.

WeChat Marketing

Digital marketing on WeChat, simply put, cannot be ignored. In the mobile-first world of China, WeChat has built a ‘mobile lifestyle’ touching various aspects of users’ lives, with 60% of users opening the app more than 10 times per day and 40% seeking out information through official accounts and groups. WeChat continues to expand its ecosystem and has made significant milestones with the launch of WeChat Work and Wechat Mini Programs.

Whether it’s Facebook and Twitter in the West or the unparalleled growth of WeChat and Little Red Book App in the East, social platforms have essentially become a catalyst to grow and develop a brand’s online presence from internally. The lines between social media marketing and search engine marketing have become increasingly blurred with many marketers and business owners looking for ways to optimize the two channels for traffic and conversions.