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WeChat CRM

WeChat has become the center for social media branding in China, with the majority of users now following from around 10 to 20 Official Accounts and 26.7% of users following more than 20 OAs, this is according to the WeChat official report from QuestMobile.

However, as competition for user attention increases on WeChat, brands are concerned on how to better engage and fully use the potential of their WeChat Audience.

WeChat CRM

While China still represents a big growth opportunity for brands entering the market, brands need to be more measured and focus on delivering experiences to create authentic customer value. Brands continue to expect significant growth, but don’t utilize the tools that will help them properly achieve that goal. The future of customer service stems from smart targeting and convenience—online and off. 

Social Media CRM

Consumers expect to be able to move seamlessly between channels of communication and for businesses to respond promptly and personally. Cohesive communication is at the core of a well-run business and Social CRMs can play a significant role in making customer interaction a more streamlined process. With a social solution, everyone in your organization can be on the same page with technology and have access to an extensive database of customer purchasing habits.