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Top China Social Media Platforms and Websites

Chinese internet users don’t really use well known western social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, unless they connect via a VPN.

Given that Gmail, Google+ and the video sharing platform YouTube are hard to reach as well, it has created great opportunities for chinese internet companies like Tencent and Baidu.

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Chinese new year digital WeChat HongBao

From now and as incredible as it sounds, it’s possible to send a new year’s Eve HongBao to your relatives, friends and other family members, a virtual card involving real money and bank accounts, right from your phone.

An old money-related tradition – Chinese HongBao now on WeChat

virtual digital WeChat HongBao

You’ve just received a HongBao on WeChat

More than one billion RMB exchanged on WeChat for New Year’s Eve

Since Tencent and Alibaba are Tech Leaders here in China, it’s not that surprising they’ve found a way to embrace chinese culture,  as they are now part of chinese economic landscape, a step forward has been operated in the way of catching chinese user’s attention, getting more mobile users to sign up, days after days.

Big Data on iPad 2014

New marketing opportunities brought by Big Data

At Sekkei Studio, what we really focus on is increasing your online presence. We use analytical data everyday to know better those who browse your website, hence increasing user-experience (experts call it “UX”). Everyone talks about big data but just a small part of them is really aware of what it really is, or more precisely what it’s going to bring concretely to engineers, marketers and all kind of businesses stakeholders in the next few years.

E-commerce in China is a fast-growing sector, but what are the main websites involved in this incredible evolution?

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