Adwords Biggest Ads Spenders

Who Are Adwords Biggest Ads Spenders?

Top Adwords Ads Spenders – Who Spends the Biggest Amount of Money on Adwords?

Top Adwords Ads Spenders

Amazon, the online retailer, spends nearly 157 million dollars on Adwords in one year – Priceline Group spends about 82 million dollars, as well as the telecommunication provider AT&T. Expedia and the software company Microsoft are part of the top 5 Adwords spenders as they dedicate respectively 71.6 and 67.1 million dollars to Google Advertisement yearly.

Though Amazon is clearly the biggest Google Adwords spender, the retail industry is not the industry representing the most significant source of income for Google. Let’s check the top 10 industries that spent the most on Google Ads.

Which Industry Invests the Most in Google Adwords? (Bn USD figures)

Industry Spending Adwords

Finance and Insurance companies spend 4bn USD per year on Adwords

Finance and Insurance leads the ranking with an average 4 billion dollar yearly spending on Google Adwords. Though Amazon spends a tremendous amount of money each year on Ads, the retail industry remains the second biggest spender, with a global 2.8 billion dollars spent in a year. The top 5 industries spending the biggest amount of money is made of Travel and Tourism, Jobs and Education and Home and Gardens companies, respectively spending 2.4, 2.2 and 2.1 billion American dollars on a yearly-basis.

What Are The Most Expensive Keywords Related to?

Keywords such as Lawyers or Attorney can reach extremely high bidding prices – more than one hundred dollars per click.

What Are The Most Expensive Keywords Related to?

One single click to those Ads can cost up to 100 dollars to the advertiser – 

Keywords such as MBA or Annuity can reach a bidding price of more than 60 dollars.

How Can an Adwords Keywords Become so Expensive?

More than a hundred American dollar for a click can appear unreasonable – It makes sense if we consider the net revenue of the conversion (when a client buy a given product/service after clicking an Ad on Google).

The bidding process and more precisely the final price are linked with the amount of money your competitor (the person below you) is ready to spend for a click. Google then apply a few calculation based on quality score (Ad relevancy to the query) and this competition-based bidding.  That’s how insurance or loans-related keywords can lead to CPC above 60 dollards per click.

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