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If you're looking for a digital agency in China & Hong Kong with the staff and know-how to maximise your online activity, relax, you've found us. Sekkei Studio is independent, results-driven and dedicated to the notion that your work, ideas and voice should be heard.

It's a big digital world out there and we can help you stand out in it.

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Posted on 09 Aug 2018
Written by David Henriques

How Douyin is Leveraging the Chinese Digital Marketing Sphere

If you’ve taken part in a digital marketing event in China, you’ll know by now that the digital l

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Posted on 02 Aug 2018
Written by David Henriques

From BAT to TMD: China’s New Digital Ecosystem of Tech Giants

China is already more digitized than many spectators realize with one of the most active digital-

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Posted on 17 Jul 2018
Written by David Henriques

How to Promote your Mobile Game in China?

Across mobile and PC games, China is the largest and most lucrative gaming market on the planet,

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