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Who drives China’s e-commerce growth?


E-commerce in China is a fast-growing sector, but what are the main websites involved in this incredible evolution?

Since its creation in 2008, Sekkei Studio ensures well-prepared and cost-efficient digital solutions for worldwide clients. Sekkei Studio knows better than anyone what are the ways to reach and overcome your company’s objectives on the biggest market worldwide in term of potential clients.  You’ve probably heard about Jack Ma, the guy who has just brought his company Alibaba to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:BABA) a few weeks ago, achieving by the way the biggest company’s IPO of the history on the most important stock market.  There is no doubt it will not remain the only worldwide success of a chinese e-commerce website.

China has actually already plenty of websites dedicated to online business; some are focused to business to business, others are business to customers-oriented, some incredibly big, some are a little bit more confidential, but don’t worry, at Sekkei Studio we know them all.

What’s the difference between B2B and B2C e-commerce websites?

You can call on a B2B website if you have a company and want to buy/sell raw materials of any other stuff to another company.

On the contrary, B2C websites are dedicated to ensure transactions between businesses and their clients. The most famous one is Tmall, but as you can see below, there are plenty of other ones.

What are the leading B2B e-commerce websites in China? 

China b2b top websites


As you can see, Alibaba is the unbeatable leader of the competition, with more than 50 percent market share; the second one is hc360, followed by Global Sources.

What are the leading e-commerce B2C websites in China?

Basically, when we talk about B2C, it’s all about online business, but business-to-consumer activity also exists offline. When we talk about B2C in China, we immediately think about websites such as T-mall or 51buy. But the B2C Chinese websites ranking changes years after years, with the entrance of new actors.


Top B2C websites in China - Sekkei studio - digital agency in Shanghai

As we’ve just explained, regarding B2B ranking, Mr Jack Ma can be proud of what he has achieved. It’s extremely clear, Alibaba Holding LTD. rules the area of online business, both dealing with B2B and B2C through Tmall website (Alibaba Group as well).

How About Customers-to-customers?

C2C is an acronym which means clients-to-clients. China also has its own eBay-like, the leader is Taobao.com, and once again it’s operated by Alibaba.com.


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