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A Useful Update of Baidu Zhanzhang

Eric Methivier

Baidu Zhanzhang is celebrating its 2 years of existence!

On September 18th 2013, Baidu announced a new update of Baidu Zhanzhang. It is dedicated to improving the user experience – while Baidu says it is to lead the generation of search engines to an interactive one.

According to the update, Baidu will send messages to web masters when such problems happen:

  • Traffic slumps
  • Number of indexed pages slumps
  • Number of indexed news resource slumps
  • Irregular backlinks building
  • Irregular content building
  • Black listed

Besides Zhanzhang notifications, in order to improve the user experience, Baidu now offers email, SMS and QQ notifications to alert web masters.

“Interactive with Baidu”, is the highlight of the update. The interaction actually is after you receive the notifications, you can directly re-check the website in the message tool, to confirm the problem and fix it.

baidu zhanzhang update notifications

 So… as you have learnt through this post. It is not an actual interaction. But in anyway, we are happy to see the new update. In term of improving the user experience, we believe that Baidu can provide a better service in the very future.

And again, Happy Birthday Baidu Zhanzhang!

If you have any further questions about the new update from Baidu, do not hesitate to contact us. For any web marketing needs in Baidu SEM and SEO, drop us an email here.

Eric Methivier
Eric Methivier

Eric's from France and graduated from Toulouse ICD Business School and is a three-year veteran in the world of web product managing. Around the office he is the undisputed king of all things SEO, SEM and SMO. He's got a knack for design as well and is a master-level photoshopper. He speaks fluent French, English and some Mandarin.After-hours he's into photography, reading, and traveling throughout Asia, he likes to meet people from other cultures and explore faraway lands. Try to imagine a French, web developing, graphic designing, Indiana Jones.

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