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Baidu SEO: Green Radish Algorithm’s Update Notification

Eric Methivier

On July 1st , Baidu announced a new notification for its Green Radish Algorithm Update (百度绿萝算法2.0更新公告). The coming update is dedicated to filtering out the websites that have promoted plenty of backlinks thought Press Release. – Not only PR, Q&A’s websites are also concerned (Baidu Zhidao for example).

I know some of you have built backlinks using these SEO techniques on Baidu. Let’s have a first overview of the problem and how to solve it:

  1. Delete the backlinks that you have built – Do you have the whole list, if not, you should start praying.
  2. Change your domain – Fantastic idea!
  3. Bride Baidu – seriously, why don’t you bride them for top rankings?
  4. Hack the websites you have built backlinks – isn’t it illegal?

So, now we define the only potential way to avoid troubles on Baidu, solution 1, disavow the backlinks.

We will be able to clearly see the impact on Baidu SERP soon; waiting for it you should consider the following SEO guidelines as soon as possible:

  • Instead of removing the blacklisted backlinks, you could choose to build more “white backlinks” on Baidu products, such as: Baike, Tieba and etc.

Be noticed that it can be risky on Tieba, be very careful on your content.

  • Try to build high quality PR on news websites, such as Sina, tech2ipo, and those that have high Baidu page rank.
  • Ask the web master to remove your backlinks.
  • The easiest way is to disavow backlinks on Baidu Zhanzhang. I guess you are already using it right? Otherwise open an account if you plan to index your website on Baidu. Here are the steps to follow to disavow a link on Baidu:

How to disavow backlinks on Baidu zhanzhang

Baidu didn’t talk about the links on Social websites; we will keep an eye on it.

It can be easy for a competitor to create blacklisted backlinks to your website. Be careful and keep an eye on Baidu Zhanzhang dashboard.

Stay with us to keep informed the latest news in China E-Marketing and Search engine optimization. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Our Web Marketing team is always pleased to take care of your SEO strategy.

Eric Methivier
Eric Methivier

Eric's from France and graduated from Toulouse ICD Business School and is a three-year veteran in the world of web product managing. Around the office he is the undisputed king of all things SEO, SEM and SMO. He's got a knack for design as well and is a master-level photoshopper. He speaks fluent French, English and some Mandarin.After-hours he's into photography, reading, and traveling throughout Asia, he likes to meet people from other cultures and explore faraway lands. Try to imagine a French, web developing, graphic designing, Indiana Jones.

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