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For the first time, Russia holds the Winter Olympic games. Sochi, the most welcomed travel city in Russia, gained the right to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in 2007.

Besides 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi also will hold the 2014 Para-Olympics Games, 2018 FIFA World Cup and Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

What is Sochi City Guide?

As you all know, Sochi, located in Russia, will receive the biggest world exhibitions. The Winter Olympics Games in 2014, the Paralympics Games also in 2014, the Formula One Grand Prix and the FIFA World Cup in 2018!

In anticipation of the excitement that the city will generate, Sochi City Guide imagine a website that can help any tourist needs and question: how to go there? how to book an hotel? what about the visa? the customs? what about the  shopping? the night life?
As many question as Sochi City Guide answer.

Sochi City Guide is the home to all of the information you need to plan, book and enjoy your trip to Sochi Russia. On this brand-new website, you’ll find information on travel, accommodations, culture, and all of the exciting events coming soon to Sochi.

sochi city guide

Sochi City Guide dedicates to helping booking flights and hotels, finding attractions for those who want to travel to Sochi.

hotels in sochi russia

  • You can easily browse a huge list of hotels, sort by alphabet. You will also find all the useful information like the phone number, the online map, a link to the official website etc.

rent cars in Sochi Russia

restaurant in sochi russia

Shops in Sochi Russia, buy things in Sochi

  • For those who want to buy Official Sochi merchandise including items from the 2014 Winter Olympics, the 2014 Paralympics, the Russian Grand Prix and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Sochi City Guide is your dream online store.


So where is Sochi?

Sochi is a city in Krasnodar KraiRussia, situated on the Black Sea coast near the border between Georgia/Abkhazia and Russia. Greater Sochi sprawls for 145 kilometers (90 mi) along the shores of the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains.

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