Wechat Admin Platform: A New Tool to Connect with Your Customers

Eric Methivier

May 2013 update: An official WeChat (Weixin) account require 500 followers to obtain the final approval. In order to help you build your marketing strategy on Wechat, we created a detailed tutorial: WeChat (Weixin) Marketing – A fast growing social marketing tool


Wechat is a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China. It started in Jan 2011. By 2013 Jan 14th, Wechat has reached 300 millions users.

Over past two years, Wechat has developed many new features, including Wechat admin platform, which users can use to promote their company events/products/websites.

weixin admin platform

How to Apply

It is quite easy to apply for an account. Anyone who has a QQ account can apply and it is free.

Here is the link.

Step 1: Put in QQ number and your QQ password, and then click the Green button (logo in).

weixin admin platform

Step 2: Fill in some basic information

Step 3: Fill in Account information

Wechat Admin Platform Function

There are many functions you can use in terms of promotion. We will introduce some very useful functions here. Once you have set up your Wechat Admin Platform, you can try:

1)    First thing you can do is to set up the welcome message. Once Wechat users add you, and your welcome message will be automatically sent to them.

Go to setting/automatic massage “ dark green”, create your welcome message and click “save”.

2)    You can use Wechat Admin Platform to manage all the messages.

Go on to live message and you will see all messages you have ceceived today and from the past. Then you can reply the messages to your customers.

3)    Manage your users and set groups for them. This function is very helpful. According to your knowledge of your users, you can start to put them into different groups.

4)    Group message. I like this function very much. It is very good if you want to promote your products and make sure your customers know about this new production/event/sales…

Go on group massage, and choose your group/gender/city. You can send out messages include photo, voice message and video.

Besides all these functions, you can also link your Wechat to your Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo and even your official website.


Do not hesitate do share your experience on this social tool. You can also ask us for more information about web marketing strategy.


Eric Methivier
Eric Methivier

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