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Eric Methivier

Baidu Web Master Tools: Baidu Zhanzhang

Baidu Zhanzhang is a very useful tool that helps your website to be indexed by Baidu easily and fast. It also helps to optimize your website and create a better online experience for all users.

There are many different powerful tools you can use at Baidu Zhanzhang.

First of all, create an account, it’s quite easy, no need too much explanation for it, I’m pretty sure you will handle it. But if you encounter problems do not hesitate to ask us.

Now your account is created, you will start by adding your website. You should be on this page:

 Click on the top blue button. A pop-up window will ask for the domain name:

Enter you domain name, and confirm (there is only one button to do it. Don’t worry…).

Baidu will check for the domain name validity, and will offer you 2 options:

Option 1: Upload a file onto your server (root domain). For that click on the yellow button to download the file, and put it on your server, with your Google WebMaster Tools / Bing Master Tool ones.

Option 2. Paste the code before the closing </head> of your homepage.









When one of these options is done, just click on the “submit” button.

Your website is now validated! You can start working on it, and, starting by submitting your sitemap. Let’s have a full review of the tools:








1)   Submit sitemap: Make it easy for Baidu Spider to index your website.

Like Google Websmater Tools, you can easily submit your sitemap(s). For that, on the top right select the website you want to update.

Then click on “死链工具”, you will see a big blue button on the top




Click on it, this page should appears:








In 1., it’s the crawling frequency. You can choose between hours (小时) and days (天). I suggest you to set 1 day.

In 2., paste your sitemap(s) full URL(s), including http://. You can add one sitemap per line in .xml or .txt format.

2)   Control Baidu Spider Index Frequency: You can see how much data have been indexed daily/ weekly/monthly by Baidu Spider.  From there and you can adjust the frequency in order not to put too much weight on your server.

3)   See all the pages that Baidu Spider has problems to index: broken links, 404, UA ban, IP ban…







4)   Robots.txt tool: It explains all the content can be accessed/ cannot be accessed in an easy language(automatically find and read Robots.txt) ; generate robot.txt








5)   Baidu Security:  It analysis your website, helps you to notice and protects your website from danger.

6)   Submit URL: Help Baidu to index your URL.

7)   On page Optimization: Baidu Zhanzhang analysis the webpage and gives suggestion in order to better optimizes the page.

8)   Submit broken links: increase the quality and speed of websites to be indexed by Baidu Spider.







What’s more? You can also get access to  “data area” to learn all the things you need to use Baidu Zhanzhang. Or you can go to Baidu Zhanzhang forum to submit your question and talk with other users.

Right now, in China, more than 30,000 websites have joined Baidu Zhanzhang, from small websites to big well-known websites like weibo, renren, kaixin, tudou, youku, 360buy…

Baidu Zhanzhang is an easy and simple way to optimize your website for Baidu search engine. Unfortunately Baidu Zhanzhang is only available in Chinese here:



Eric Methivier
Eric Methivier

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